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What is Air Hostess?

The Air Hostess is one of the main roles in the aviation industry. An Air Hostess, which is made up of hostesses (female) and / or flight attendant (male), is responsible for the comfort, well-being and safety of passengers on board. In addition to checking the comforts of the travelers, they also have the responsibility to check all emergency arrangements prior to flight takeoff and landing.

According to the regulations, no crew member will fly more than 72 hours in a month. This ensures work-life balance along with attractive salaries. In India, a flight attendant can earn between 16,000 and 45,000 rupees on domestic airlines. On international flights, the number tends to increase. After a few years of service as Air Hostess, they can be promoted to main assistant and enjoy a higher salary package.

India's aviation industry is the third largest in the world as reported by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This sector has experienced tremendous growth in recent decades with the growing economic infrastructure of the country. According to the Goldman Sachs economic report, the country has about six million planes and 400 million passenger departures. Choosing a career as a flight attendant is beneficial for young candidates because of the nature of the job, the salary it pays, and the future it holds for them.

Educational requirements to follow the training of hostesses

To become a stewardess, the applicant must have completed 10 + 2 education in either stream or a bachelor's degree in aviation. The age limit to apply for the course is between 17 and 26 years old. Candidate must be a minimum of five feet two inches tall. The candidate must be single when applying for the course. They must have normal vision or be corrected to 6/6 in both eyes. The candidate must be in good medical shape and have a pleasant personality.

To apply for the training, the candidate can go directly to the training institutes or airlines after seeing a vacancy. After the selection, the airlines will carry out an initial selection process, in which the height and weight of the candidate are accessed. The candidate must pass the entrance test conducted by the airlines. Once the test has been passed, the main interview will be carried out to access the voice, language fluency, communicative ability and personality of the candidate. The airline will offer the selected candidates flight attendant training for a period of six months.

Skills needed to become a stewardess

Air Hostess is a course that demands a lot of social skills and personality training. The hostess must be confident and have a pleasant and friendly personality. They must have a clear speech and voice. You must be a team player and be patient in all situations. They must have a good personality and appearance and be quick in making decisions. They must have good communication skills in the local language and any foreign language. It is important for them to have a good sense of responsibility. They must have a good presence of mind and take initiative in all situations. They must have a positive attitude at all times and be prepared to work flexible hours. They must have inherent skills to work in a team.


The degree course curriculum includes management skills, emergency management, hospitality management, navigation skills, basic knowledge of aircraft and training in catering. There are so many institutes in India that offer the certificate program, the diploma programs and the degree programs in the field of aviation leading to the stewardess and flight attendant.

Professional aviation education (stewardess and flight attendant) has three levels of study after 12 as the following:

Certificate Courses: Certificate courses are taken with a duration of one year after the 12th in any course. The list of certified courses:

  • Aviation and hotel services

  • Hotel travel and customer service

  • Night rating

  • Aviation management

  • Stewardess / Flight attendant

  • Aviation travel and hospitality management

  • International airlines and travel management

  • Private pilot training

  • Commercial pilot training

  • Air tickets and tourism

  • Airport Ground Management

  • Air RT / Radio Flight Officer

  • International Air Cargo

  • Certified Fare Ticketing Course Virgin Atlantic / GTMC Courses

  • Certification courses in personality development

  • Certificate in aviation security and protection

Diploma Courses: Diploma courses are taken with a duration of one year after the 12th in any course. The list of diploma courses:

  • Aviation and hospitality management

  • Hostess training

  • Aviation travel and hospitality management

  • Diploma in Professional Cabin Crew Services

  • Diploma in Professional Services of Ground Personnel

  • Diploma in Airport Management and Customer Service

  • Diploma in Airline Management

  • Diploma in Airlines and Travel Management

  • Diploma in Land Management and Cargo Management

  • Diploma in Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service

  • Diploma in Air Cargo Practices and Documentation

  • Diploma in airport ground staff training with on-the-job training

Degree courses: Degree courses are taken with a duration of three years after the twelfth in any course. The list of degree courses:

  • BBA (Aviation)

  • MBA (Aviation)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Services

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Airport Ground Services

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service

Cost of taking the air hostess course in India

Hostess training can be done at three levels, such as certification courses, diploma courses, and degree courses. The price of the course is between 50,000 and 1, 50,000 rupees, depending on the course and the institute. But to become an air hostess, one has to work to be selected by an airline, they provide free training with a stipend, making the course even cheaper to learn.

Career in the Air Hostess application process

The application process varies between institutes. You can apply for the course online through the official website of the institute you are interested in or obtain the application form from the institute itself. Some institutes also conduct school visits to inform students about the course. You can contact the representatives to learn about the application process.

Selection process

The selection process for the Hostess course consists of three stages: written exam, group discussion (GD) and interview. The written exam consists of questions to assess the intelligence, reasoning skills, numerical ability and general awareness of candidates. Candidates who qualify for the written exam will be called up for the GD round. In this round, communication skills, teamwork qualities, and level of patience are tested. A round of interviews is carried out for the final selection of the candidates. Analyze your personality and passion for working in the aviation industry.

This is the general; selection process. Some institutes may have variations in the selection process. All recognized hostess training institutes operate according to the guidelines of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). And, according to DGCA guidelines, candidates will be eligible for admission only after scoring a written test and interview session. Candidates who pass the selection process must complete a minimum 6-month training (duration of training may vary) before starting their career as a flight attendant.

The best institutes for training hostesses

There are few universities offering hostess training in India and they will provide ground service training, hostess training, and aviation cargo handling, hospitality and customer services. The best training institutes are,

College rank

College name

Program fee (in Rs lakh)


Frankfinn Instituteof Air Hostess Training, Delhi



Wings Air Hostess and Hospitality Training, Gujarat



Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai



Jet Airways Training Academy, Mumbai



Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation, Mumbai



Career prospects and salaries

To become a successful flight attendant, one must have a pleasant personality and a proper education. The field has tremendous scope and is expected to grow at a steady rate with each passing year. With the liberalization of FDI policy, huge investments are expected in this sector in the near future. The airline industry thrives on the emergence of new airlines and massive investment.

To pursue a career as an Air Hostess, your personality as well as education is very important. A stewardess or cabin crew or flight attendant is responsible for providing well-being, comfort and safety to travelers or passengers. They should verify emergency arrangements prior to flight takeoff and landing. They should also check if all the facilities are properly attached to the passengers. In this race, you will meet movie celebrities, business moguls, stay in 5-star hotels and shop in the great shopping centers of the world, and you will also learn about the different cultures of the world.

According to the regulation, no aircrew will fly more than 72 hours in a month. It means there is no workload. It is a good industry to get healthy jobs and wages. A flight attendant can later be promoted to senior flight attendant and then assistant chief.A career as a flight attendant also pays off with excellent salaries and an attractive work environment. They are paid up to Rs 2 lakh a month if they work with international airlines. 

Job profile / responsibilities

The job profile or responsibilities of a flight attendant may vary depending on the flight requirements. However, the basic responsibilities can be classified as follows:

  • Responsibilities on the ground (before flight)

  • In-flight responsibilities (during the flight)

  • Landing responsibilities (after flight)

Responsibilities ashore

Before passengers begin to board, a flight attendant must ensure the following:

  • Emergency and medical kits are available on the plane.

  • The bathrooms are clean and hygienic.

  • Sufficient food and drinks are provided on the plane.

  • Greet passengers and check their tickets.

  • Help passengers load carry-on luggage in the overhead compartments.

  • Verify that the passenger seat belts are on when the seat belt signal is on.

  • Explain to passengers about the use of the emergency kit and the emergency exit.

  • Inform the pilot when the plane is ready to take off.

In-flight responsibilities

  • Make sure that passengers have fastened their seat belts

  • Serving food and drinks to passengers.

  • Sale of duty free products

  • Make important announcements on behalf of the pilot

  • Assistance during medical emergencies

  • Help passengers to evacuate the plane in an emergency.

Landing responsibilities

  • Make the list of lost and found items

  • Prepare a list of cash and stocks left after landing


The salary is between Rs. 30.00 to Rs. 45,000 with national airlines. In addition to regular monthly wages, they are also entitled to other benefits such as discounts on airline tickets, retirement benefits, and health insurance. Some of the top stewardess recruiters are Indian Airlines, Go Air, Air India, Delta Airlines, Jet Airways, Gulf Air, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, United Air, Lufthansa, etc.Salary

It is a good field to get good wages. A hostess can earn Rs. 16000 - 75000 in one month. If you are working with the domestic airlines, you can get around Rs. 16000 per month. If you work with international airlines like Indian airlines, you can earn up to Rs. 75000 per month. Some of the international airlines offer salaries of more than 1 lakh or 2 lakh per month to the senior flight attendant. Salaries depend on the reputation of the airlines. Besides offering a good salary package, some airlines also offer additional allowances, health insurance, a retirement plan, and discounts on flights and travel.

Flight attendant / Air Hostess FAQ’s

Q.1.What qualifications do you need to be a flight attendant / flight attendant?

Answer. To be hired as a flight attendant / flight attendant, you must be at least 17 years old. In addition to meeting the age limit criteria, applicants must be well versed in English to be hired as Air Hostess. Apart from this, fluency in any other language will be an added bonus. Candidates are hired as Air Hostess once they complete the 10 + 2 education level.

Q.2.What does the flight attendant / Air Hostess do?

Answer. The Air Hostess or flight attendant are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers flying with an airline. The daily duties of the Air Hostess include greeting passengers, showing them their seats, briefing them on air safety procedures, assisting passengers who have special needs, and greeting passengers as they disembark.

Q.3.What is the difference between theAir Hostess and the stewardess?

Answer. There is no difference between the two job profiles. They are simply two different words used to define the same job profile. A flight attendant or Air Hostess is tasked with looking after the passengers on an airplane.

Q.4. Is graduation required for Air Hostess?

Answer. The minimum educational requirement to be hired as aAir Hostess is to complete a 10 + 2 level education in any modality. Candidates who have completed their graduation will not receive any special benefits. To become a flight attendant / flight attendant it is not necessary to be from a specific stream or have followed a specific course. Rather, applicants must meet other eligibility criteria such as weight, height, good communication skills, good vision, etc. to be hired as Air Hostess.

Q.5. Is Air Hostess a respectable job?

Answer. Flight attendant / Air Hostess as a profession requires applicants to have a pleasant personality and fluency in language. The Air Hostess job profile is not easy and requires one to be alert, work irregular hours, and have good communication skills. It is an undervalued job. The Air Hostess members are not there just to serve food and beverages to passengers, but their main job is to address emergency situations and ensure the safety of passengers on the plane.

Q.6.Is the pilot part of the Air Hostess?

Answer. The pilots are responsible for flying the aircraft. Some members that are part of the Air Hostess are: flight attendants, stewardesses, pursuers, chefs on board and the like. Air Hostess members are responsible for ensuring the well-being of passengers on board a flight.

Q.7. Do airlines hire married Air Hostess?

Answer. Most airlines do not have any written rules on marital status. However, some airlines have clauses in which only single candidates with no children are eligible to apply for a Air Hostess position.





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