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After Intermediate, every student goes through the dilemma of choosing the correct line of further studies. As there are so many options available for Bachelor’s courses such as BBA, BCA, B.Sc. , B. Com. , B. Tech. , and many more. Each course has its own advantage. If a candidate looking for an undergraduate degree with some real life skills that also help to learn an MBA program, then a Bachelor in Business Administration can be a great choice.

Let's first understand about the degree of BBA.

What is BBA?

BBA is a bachelor's degree and its full form is Bachelor of Business Administration. Essentially, it is a comprehensive business education program. The BBA degree provides a window into the functions of a business and allows you to build your career in the business field. Students who want to make their career in Business Administration or want to do an MBA degree then they can go with a BBA degree.

Highlights of BBA Program or Degree

The duration of the BBA course is three years. This course is open for all students and available in three streams: Arts, Commerce, and Science.

Bachelors of Business Administration course offers knowledge and training in management. It also helps to provide leadership skills and best for managerial roles.

There are two types of mode available for BBA one is full time and the second is correspondence mode.

Eligibility Criteria of BBA

Only those candidates can pursue BBA who has completed Intermediate in any stream from a recognized educational board.

Only those students are eligible for this course that has at least 50% in class XII.

In case any candidate has appeared the intermediate exam and waiting for the result and wants to pursue BBA then he or she can apply for this course.

The core disciplines that a student will cover in BBA:

  • Human Resource Management

  • Strategic Management

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Accounting

Considering all types of aspects candidates may find a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration can be a perfect fit for you and also can be the best choice for the future. 

Advantages of BBA Course

There are so many advantages of a BBA degree some are as follows:

Graduate with BBA and help to make a bright future

Companies always looking for fresh candidates who have good knowledge of business administration for their business profile. If you have a BBA degree then there are many chances to get a job in a reputed company.

On the other hand, BBA graduates can easily pick a range of careers such as Human Resource Manager, Accountant, Financial Analyst, Financial Controller, and many more. The starting salary of a BBA graduate of about 38,000 per year.

After completing BBA, a person can better pay packages at a very early age. A candidate becomes financially independent just after their schooling.

A larger perspective of the business World is another advantage of the course. Students can get all management skills at a very early age. This course helps the student to get the best knowledge in the field of the business world.

BBA degree provides you easier access to an MBA

An MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) is the highest and most known abbreviations. Students can direct get admission to an MBA if they don’t have a BBA degree, but for MBA a candidate must need a BBA degree. But if a candidate wants to make his or her career in MBA then BBA is the right choice for them.

Just like MBA, during BBA students will study all the concepts of marketing, finance, human resource, and many more. The BBA program not only provides bookish knowledge but also it provides practical knowledge.

Popular Career Options

With the BBA program, any candidate can get the best knowledge of business education and can learn BBA skills. These skills will help them to pursue various management and administrative roles in a reputed company. Every employer always needs a genius business administration graduates in different areas. These positions may include:

  • Information security officer

  • Operation manager

  • Loss prevention manager

  • Sales Manager

  • Cost Estimator

Brief information about BBA Degree

Bachelors of business administration programs may emphasize the development of business analysis skills, communications, and quantitative reasoning. During the courses, students will gain deep knowledge of business practices and processes and it helps to understand the role of economics in the business world. It also provides an awareness of global business issues. Some additional topics could include in BBA:

  • Business theory

  • Entrepreneurship fundamentals

  • Project management

  • Business law and ethics

  • E-business

  • Economics

What's the Point of a BBA?

A BBA degree can provide you a leg up in many areas. It helps to get the best in a reputed company and helps to show a prospective employer that your focus is on business. It helps to open many job options across a variety of industries and specialties. The industries include marketing, sales, IT, health care, and food service. 

Entrance Exams for Bachelor of Business Administration

Usually, the entrance exam for BBA is conducted by the college or institute. Some institutes or universities conduct a personal interview or group discussion rounds followed by the entrance test. A candidate can get admission based on the scores, which is obtained in the qualifying examination. Some popular list of entrance examinations is IPMAT, UGAT, NPAT, FEAT, BHU UET, etc. A student can get direct admission to the best institute or in the best universities if he or she has cleared these exams with a good score.

Specialization In BBA

BBA is a very option for the students who have just completed their higher secondary degree. The course opens a huge range of doors in many fields. Some popular specializations of Bachelor’s of Business Administration are as follows:

  • BBA Human Resource

  • BBA in Banking and Insurance

  • BBA Information Technology

  • BBA Foreign Trade

  • BBA in Hospitality & Hotel Management

  • BBA Marketing

  • BBA Hospital and Healthcare Management

  • BBA Communication and Media Management

  • BBA In Finance

Subjects And Syllabus of BBA:

Bachelor of business administration is a three-year course and divided into six semesters. Generally, the syllabus of BBA broadly consists of many subjects such as Business Communication, Business Organization, Fundamentals of Accounting, Management Accounting, Management Concepts and Practices, Business Mathematics, Business Environment, Marketing Management, Business Statics, Managerial Economics, and many more interesting subjects.

Some important subjects under BBA Syllabus are listed below:

Business Laws, Principles of Management, Business Mathematics & Statics, Production & Material Management, Business Economics, Business Data Processing, Marketing Management, Personnel Mgmt. and Industry Relations, Introduction To Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Micro Economics, Organizational Behavior, Essentials of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Corporate Strategic Management, MIS system Design, Leadership and Ethics, Strategy, International Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Security Analysis, Sales And Distribution Management, Commercial Bank Management, Manufacture Planning And Control, Retail Management, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Computer Applications, Quantitative Methods, Project Management, PR Management, Financial Modelling using spreadsheets, Consumer Behavior, Industrial Relations, And Labor Legislation.

These are the theoretical subjects of the BBA Course but without practical skills, BBA cannot be completed. Some practical skills of BBA are listed below:

Professional communication and behavioral Grooming, writing skills, Soft skills and personality Development, Consulting and problem-solving skills, hard-working, passionate, Etiquette, Negotiating, Persuading skills, Conversational skills. If any student has all these skills, then he or she will be able to pursue a BBA degree. 

How to Get an Admission?

The admission process of BBA is very easy and any student who has at least 50% in intermediate then can take admission in BBA. Here are some steps that a student need to follow: 

 Step 1:

Any student who wants to take admission in BBA then he or she first needs to visit the institute or visit the official website of the university or institute.

Step 2:

After selecting the university or college, the candidate needs to check and visit the official website on daily basis to fill the application form for their admission. Generally, the admission notification is released four to five months before the commencement of the course cycle.

Step 3:

Fill the application form with the correct information and pay the fee of the application form.

Step 4:

Make sure your application has to be submitted before the last day of the application. 

Step 5: 

Some institutes provide direct admission according to the student’s percentage. While some universities or institutes provide admission based on the entrance exam score. The admission process may differ from one institute to other institutes.

Advantages Of Bachelor Of Business Administration

There are a huge number of advantages of BBA, as BBA opens a lot of different career plans. This course can help you to get a job as a sales manager, commercial loan officer, accountant, and human resource. Getting a BBA degree help those who want to make their career in retail and want to get a well-paid store management position. 

Careers that you can pursue with BBA Degree

Generally, candidates opt for MBA after the completion of BBA. Candidate can choose and explore many job opportunities n various fields such as real estate management, business consultancies, private banking, advertising, urban infrastructure, manufacturing, and in Government sector also.  

Some best career options after completing BBA are as follows:

The Accountant

If a student has an interest in accounting then he or she can go with a BBA degree. Accountants are detail-oriented and good with numbers. A BBA student can get a handsome salary in the field of accounting. 

The Financial Advisor

Just like accountants, financial advisors he or she ensure the financial health of people and companies. Although financial advisors do not work with taxes they manage, allocate, and use the money to make people and businesses more successful. Financial advisors also help people or companies to make smart financial decisions.

The Human Resource Executive

HR is a very responsible person in every organization. The roles and responsibilities of human resource managers work to hire new employees, maintaining employee records and policies, and also planning, advising on HR strategies. HR is the key to every organization. If any person who wants to make a career in HR, then BBA in human resource or normal BBA can be the best choice for them.

Marketing Executive and Marketing Manager

A marketing executive develops official statements and manages products of the organization. He or she also conducts and analyzes competitive research and also established objectives, expectations for marketing programs. Any candidate who is working as a marketing executive then he/she can get a handsome salary.

On the other hand, a marketing manager manages with product managers and helps to maintain executing new or modified programs for the establishment of improved strategies. At every level of the business, some managers help to keep things running smoothly. A marketing manager is responsible for all marketing programs and campaigns for the companies products and services.

Real Estate Agent

Candidates who have an interest in sales and real estate can work as real estate brokers or agents. A real estate agent is one who helps people to buy, sell, and rent properties. Agents work for licensed brokers while brokers are licensed to work on their own. Generally, there are two types of brokers, residential and commercial. BBA is s good choice to become a real estate agent or broker.


They are the individuals who organize and operate the businesses. Generally, they help to create a new business and make it creative and organized.

Research and Development Executive

A research and development executive is responsible for the companies development. The main aim of the R & D executive is to improve the technologies which are offered by the organization and also develop innovations that help to take the organization to the top position in the marketplace. The minimum qualification to become R & D executive is graduation.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers Regarding BBA

Why choose BBA for graduation?

Bachelor of Business Administration is a specialized designed course for those students who want an analytical and competitive bent of mind. The candidate can get a job in different fields which include human resources, operations, finance, and economics. This course is best for those who want to start their career in the corporate management sector.

Is 10+2 with mathematics is mandatory for BBA?

It's not necessary to do 10+2 with mathematics, but the eligibility criteria for BBA may vary from one institute to another. Some institutes do not allow 10+2 mandatory to pursue the BBA course. It would be best for the student if she or he has studied mathematics in higher secondary.

Top Colleges of BBA

There are thousands of colleges available in India which provide a BBA degree. To get admission to top universities or colleges, candidates need to qualify for the entrance exam. Some other universities also provide their entrance exams. 

Is it compulsory to pursue MBA after BBA?

There is no hard and fast rule to pursue MBA after BBA. As it depends on person to person, people can get a good job after BBA. If the person wants to pursue a post-graduation course and wants to get a better job then he or she can go with an MBA degree after BBA.  

Are Colleges provided placement after the course completion?

Yes, nowadays most of the universities or institutes offering a placement process after completing the degree. Colleges host placement and invite multiple companies for placement of the students so that students don’t need to go anywhere to get the job. The companies provide a handsome salary to the students.

BBA is the best course for every student who want to make their career in Business Administration or in other department. If you are wondering for to get admission in the best college or university then you are the right place. For more info. Contact us and visit our official website.





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