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What is Bachelor of public relations?

Bachelor of Public Relations is a 3-year undergraduate program divided into 6 semesters, of 6 months each. Basically, discipline is about delivering information from an organization or public figure to a specific audience effectively for the purpose of developing relationships. The best institutes that offer this course are: 

  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi

  • St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

  • MICA, Ahmedabad

  • Christ University, Bangalore

Public Relations (PR) is a practice of creating and maintaining a positive reputation of an organization through strategic communication to build mutually beneficial relationships with the public, clients and clients. The role of a PR is to maintain a positive image of a company and promote the brand image. The primary goal of a PR is to promote the brand and maintain healthy relationships with the public, prospects, partners, investors, employees, and other stakeholders. Public relations is different from advertising in that the latter deals with paid promotion, while a PR's job is to promote the brand through various mediums.

Basic eligibility for course completion is successful completion of upper secondary education level (class XII) from a recognized Board of Education. The average annual fee charged for the course in India varies between INR 10K and 40k, varying according to the institutes. Admission to eligible candidates is generally offered based on performance on the last qualifying exam (class XII) or on a relevant entrance test.

Successful graduates of the course are hired in both the private and government sectors, in the areas of Hotels, Banks, Tourism Agencies, Consulting Companies, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Entertainment Industry, Sports, Police Departments, etc. The average monthly salary offered to such graduates in India ranges from INR 15K to 50K, increasing with the candidate's experience and expertise in the field.

A public relations staff should have good contacts with the media so that they can cover and write about the brand, thus promoting the brand and informing people about the company. From the writing and dissemination of press releases, to the writing of the speeches of renowned personalities, through the analysis and interpretation of public opinion about the brand and how it can influence the mass. Deal with various public groups and other organizations in relation to established policies. There are several types of public relations that are:

RP type


Media relations

The PR must have good contacts with the media channels and reporters who act as its source of content and promoter.

Investor Relations

The PR's job is to handle investor events to publish financial reports, media inquiries, and complaints.

Community relations

The PR must ensure that the brand image is positive and in the good books of the public by organizing events and campaigns.

Internal relationships

PR deals with the employees of an organization by cooperating with them during launches, events, reminders, and projects.

Relationships with customers

A PR has to manage relations with the Public by conducting surveys and projects to obtain feedback from customers, know their attitude towards the brand and how the brand can be improved to their liking.

Marketing relationships

Public relations have to help the marketing team and salespeople in relation to product launch, campaigns, how to promote brand awareness, image and positioning.


Public Relations are taught by various universities and colleges as taught in the Journalism and Mass Communication programs. There are also specialized postgraduate courses in Public Relations. A career in Public Relations is bright and interesting and the need for professionals in the field is in high demand. Now most businesses and organizations have their PR team and as mentioned above in PR types, a business will want to do everything possible to promote its brand image and maintain a positive image.

Bachelor of Public Relations: Course Highlights

Some of the highlights of theBachelor of Public Relations are ranked below.

Course level 



3 years

Exam type 

Semester system


10 + 2 eligibility criteria from a recognized board of education

Admission procedure 

Merit-based / Counseling-based after qualification of the entrance test

Main entrance exams 


Total course fee 

INR 50,000 at 3 Lacs

Main recruiting areas / fields 

Hotels, political parties, banks, tourism agencies, entertainment industry, international public relations, police departments, sports stadiums, Indian civil services, educational institutes, hospitals, etc.

Job Profiles

Communication of Job Profiles, Responsible for Public Relations, Director of External Relations, Director of Development, Specialist in Marketing Communication, Press Secretary, Responsible for Media Relations, Research Analyst, among others.

Average starting salary 

INR 2 to 8 Lacs


BA Public Relations: What is it about?

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Public Relationscourse are offered a specialization in a wide range of techniques and skills that are used to maintain and manage the reputations of famous people, television channels, multinationals, etc. They are taught to monitor and evaluate public attitudes, maintain mutual and beneficial relationships within an organization, operate successfully and contribute to the modern world to maintain a good image of the individual / organization in question.

Public relations skills that are instilled in students during the course period are public speaking, writing speeches / scripts / proposals, understanding listener psychology, facilitating useful information exchange, and simplifying technical information.Such graduates interested in pursuing higher studies in the discipline may choose to pursue higher degree courses such as MA, Ph. D., M. Phil., Etc. and other research-related studies in the same or a related discipline. The BA in Public Relations curriculum integrates theoretical and practical study components.

BA Public Relations: Top Institutes

Some of the top institutes offering the course in the country with the corresponding locations and fees charged by the respective colleges are listed below.




Indian Institute of Mass Communication

New Delhi

INR 57,000 

School of Broadcasting and Communication


INR 1 lac

Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR)

New Delhi

INR 16,390 

ST. Xavier’s College


INR 5,400 

Christ University


INR 56,667 

Miranda College

New Delhi

INR 12,160 

Presidency College


INR 1,245

Madras Christian College (MCC)


INR 18,719 

Hindu College

New Delhi

INR 14,333

Hans Raj College (HRC)

New Delhi

INR 14,333 

Fergusson College


INR 2,687 

Ramjas College

New Delhi

INR 9,712

Jesus and Mary College (JMC)

New Delhi

INR 12,997 

Mudra Institute of Communication (MICA)


Not Mentioned

Jai Hind College


INR 4,262 

Gargi College

New Delhi

INR 8,055 

Sri Venkateswara College

New Delhi

INR 9,590 

Delhi College of Arts and Commerce (DCAC)

New Delhi

INR 9,120 

ST. Xavier’s College


INR 4,720 

ST. Xavier’s College


INR 25,700


Eligibility for BA Public Relations

10 + 2 education completed in any stream from a recognized Board of Education. A minimum aggregate score of 50% (45% for SC / ST / OBC candidates) at level 10 + 2. Good communication and interpersonal skills.

Bachelor of Public Relations: Admission Procedure

Most colleges and universities offering the course admit students based on performance on a relevant entrance examination, conducted primarily at the institutional level, followed by a round of personal interview. The round of interviews is to assess the candidate's general aptitude for the course. Subsequently, the institute in question publishes a list of merits for the admission of qualified students to the course. Some institutes also provide direct admission to candidates based on the aggregate score at the 10 + 2 level.

Some of the main entrance exams taken in the country for admission to the course are listed below.

  • DU Bachelor Entrance Exam (University of Delhi)

  • JMI Bachelor's Entrance Exam (JamiaMilliaIslamia)

  • JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) French Bachelor Entrance Exam

  • BHU (Hindu University of Banaras) BA French Entrance Exam

  • Bachelor's Entrance Exam at Indian Institute of Mass Communication

  • Kerala University Bachelor Entrance Test.

BA Public Relations: Syllabus & Course Description

Tabulated below is a semester-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus.




Development/Fund Raising

Corporate Public Relations and Communications

Employee/Member Relations

Community Relations

Financial Relations




Government Affairs

Introduction to Mass Communications and Public Relations

Issues Management

Marketing Communications

Industry Relations

Media Relations




Public Affairs

Theory of Practicing & Advertising 


Writing Skills for Media

Special Events Seminar



BA Public Relations: Who Should Choose?

Eligible candidates aspiring to pursue the course would ideally possess:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Excellent writing skills, as a line of work, requires them to deal with people and media.

  • Polite, patient and friendly nature.

  • Sharp mind to deal with all controversial issues intelligently.

  • Patience and desire to work long hours.

  • Ability to multitask and manage time effectively.

  • Interest in all forms of media.

BA Public Relations: Career Prospects

Public Relation (PR) is a professional who is hired through numerous television channels, news channels, IT companies, etc., to maintain a good public image and be on top. Such graduates can find jobs in fields and industries such as:

  • Hotel management

  • Shipping and Logistics

  • PSU

  • Banks

  • Tourism agencies

  • Hospitals

  • Educational institutes.

  • Reading news or anchoring in news channels.

Some of the popular career paths open to such graduates are listed below along with their corresponding salary and the job duties associated with each.



SALARY (Provisional)

Public relations officer 

A public relations officer basically manages reputation. They gain understanding and support for customers, as well as trying to influence opinion and behavior. They use all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage their clients' reputations. 

INR 2.5 to 7 Lacs

Communications Officer 

A Communications Officer is responsible for writing marketing communications material and gathering information. They work closely with colleagues such as product and marketing managers, designers, and website managers. 

INR 2 to 5 Lacs

Research Analyst 

A research analyst conducts research and collects data and information to help a business market its products and services. They collect data such as consumer demographics, preferences, needs, and shopping habits, and evaluate that information using statistical software and techniques. 

INR 2 to 4.5 lac


A Lecturer teaches candidates at the undergraduate level in areas assigned by the Head of Department (HOD), and supervises or assists with the supervision of undergraduate, taught graduate (Master), or research graduate (MPhil / PhD) students. 

INR 2 to 5 lac

Director of External Affairs 

A Director of External Affairs is a high-level position with many responsibilities, including managing personnel, supervising or supervising public relations efforts, such as written communications or interviews, and working with other executives. 

INR 2.5 to 7 lac

Media Relations Officer 

A media relations officer builds and maintains a good image for a given company, organization, public image or brand through the use of a wide range of media and through planned advertising campaigns and public relations activities. 

INR 2 to 7 lac


Job prospects

Job opportunities for Bachelor of Public Relationsprofessionals are very secure in various industries if applicants have excellent communication skills and compelling skills. Advertising agencies and marketing companies are constantly looking for public relations professionals. Several public relations professionals follow a photography or visual communication course alongside their public relations course and are placed in film agencies in Mumbai.


The job prospects in India are bright. Companies like Balaji Telefilms, Mukta Arts, and other agencies often display vacancies for creative heads and creative advertising professionals in popular workplaces.

Pay PR package

The pay package for a beginner in PR can range from Rs 15,000 and up, depending on skill set and education. If you join a corporate company as personal secretary to the CEO, you can earn between 2 and 3 lacs per year for your first job. If you join an advertising and marketing company as a communications professional, you can earn around 2.5 lacs and more like new.

On the other hand, if you apply to a news channel or TV channel as a news anchor or reader, you can expect higher salaries of Rs 30,000 or more. However, for media jobs, you must also be willing to work multiple shifts and travel locations. If you are applying for a marketing position at an IT company as a technical communication or corporate communication professional, you can expect a starting salary of Rs 15,000 or more. You can also try venturing into sales or business development positions! All you need is excellent communication and sales skills. The opportunities are simply limitless.

Demand and supply

The demand for candidates with good communication skills is high in all industries. For example, these days, even when hiring for technical jobs like software programming, company HR managers are looking for people with excellent communication skills. If you have good public speaking skills, it is just an added bonus for you. In India, moreover, the supply of good English-speaking professionals is always slightly less than the demand. However, standards have improved considerably in recent years and even public school students can speak English well today. Therefore, the competition is high.

FAQ’s on Bachelor of public relations

Q.1. what is the duration of the course?

Answer. The minimum duration to complete the course is 3 years.

Q.2. what are some subjects that are taught in the course?

Answer. Counselling, Development/Fund Raising, Corporate Public Relations and Communications, Employee/Member Relations, Community Relations, Financial Relation, Government Affairs, Introduction to Mass Communications and Public Relations, Issues Management, Marketing Communications, Industry Relations, Media Relations, Public Affairs, Theory of Practicing & Advertising, Publicity, Writing Skills for Media, Special Events

Q.3. What after Bachelor of Public Relations?

Answer. After completing the course you can join in job roles like Public relations officer, Communications Officer, Research Analyst, Lecturer, Director of External Affairs, Media Relations Officer etc.

Q.4. what is the average salary afterBachelor of Public Relations?

Answer. The average salary after Bachelor of Public Relationsis INR 15k to 40k per month.

Q.5. what is the average fee for the course?

Answer. The average fee for the course is INR 28000 to 2.25 lacs.





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