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Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS)

The full form of BUMS is Bachelor Of Unani Medicine & Surgery. If we talk about the past, then there was only one option available for graduate doctors after passing their bachelor's degree BAMS. But, nowadays there are so many options available for BAMS graduate doctors. There are also many different 

areas for BUMS graduate to make their career successfully, these categories divided into five sections:

Management and administration


Drug manufacturing


Clinical Practice

For a student who wants to make their career in Ayurvedic then BUMS course can be a good career option

Choice. The BUMS program is just like an alternative medical undergraduate course which falls into the AYUSH category, the full form of AYUSH is Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. Basically, UNANI focuses on four different therapy fields and these fields are Diuresis, Massage, Pharmaco-therapy, Turkish Bath, Use of herbal, purging, diet therapy, exercise, animal and mineral drugs, regimental therapy venesection, and surgery.

Before deciding to go with this course, students need to read all information about the course such as what is BUMS program, what is the eligibility criteria for the BUMS program, How to get admission in this course, What are the job opportunities, etc. Read this blog till the end and get all the important information about this course.

What are BUMS?

The Unani medicine and surgery system is the world oldest medication system. Basically, it is originated from Greece, and now this system adopted by almost all countries. Basically, It is a five year undergraduate degree course and which deals with many medical knowledge as well as applications of the Unani system & surgery. This system is different from all regular medications because in this system the healing process is done through the natural power of the body. According to the world best Unani system, the patient’s body has the power to heal itself. This process is known for treating multiple deadly disorders and diseases in a natural way.

After the Homeopathic, Allopathic, and the Ayurvedic system, BUMS become one of the most popular medical systems not even in India but also in multiple countries. The Unani system has outstanding results in curing diseases such as Rheumatoid, Psoriasis, Jaundice, Eczema, Leucoderma, Jaundice, Arthritis, Vitiligo, Filariasis, Acute and chronic diseases, and many more.

Eligibility Criteria For Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery

The basic requirement for applying for this BUMS course or for the medical entrance exam, then a candidate should be at least seventeen years old before 31st December of that year in which they are trying to get admission. The upper age limit is twenty five years. The main subject of this exam is Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/ Zoology/ Botany. The main subject of this exam in Biology.

Students must have a higher secondary or intermediate degree from a recognized board, with the subjects of Physics, Biology/ Botany/ Zoology, Chemistry, and English.

General category students must have at least 50% marks in intermediate. Apart from general caste students, the reserved candidate must have obtained not less than 40% marks in higher secondary.

The lower age criteria are 17 years, and the upper age criteria are 25 years to apply for this course.

The Candidate who wants to get admission in this course then students need to appear for exams such as CPAT, NEET, CPMEE, and KEAM.

The stepwise admission process is listed below:

Step One

Apply for entrance exam:

Students who wish to take admission in the BUMS course, first need to apply for the entrance exam with the help of the official website. The notification for application is released in the month of January and February.

Step Two

The Counselling Process:

After qualifying for the BUMS entrance exam, candidates can apply for the counseling process. Once the results of entrance exams are declared then the counseling process will be started. For counseling, candidates need to apply for this.

Step Three

The Shortlisting Process:

During the counseling process, all the candidates will be allotted seats, according to their merit and marks. In this process, the candidate will be called for the document verification and for seat confirmation.

Step Four

The Enrollment Process:

Eligible candidates will be granted admission in the college, according to the marks or merit list.

List of Entrance Exam for BUMS Course 

There are so many national and state level entrance exams for taking admission in BUMS. Some popular colleges might have their own entrance exam. Candidates who wish to take admission in this program then they can get all information from the respective institute's official websites. Some popular entrance exams are as follows:

KEAM Entrance Exam

KEAM stands for Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical is an entrance exam for BUMS students. This exam allows candidates to join the Ayurvedic and Unani medical course.

CPAT Entrance Exam

CPAT ( Combined Pre- AYUSH Test) is an entrance exam and it is best for BHMS, BAMS, and BUMS courses. This exam is only eligible for those students who want to get admission to government colleges. Candidates must have 10th and 12th certificates from a recognized board. To appear for this exam, the candidate must have an Urdu subject in class 10th or in the equivalent exam.

NEET Entrance Exam

NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Exam) is the most popular entrance exam for Bachelor Of Unani Medicine and Surgery. There are multiple choice questions in the exam which is based on the MBBS syllabus. This exam was conducted across 154 cities in India. The duration of the exam is three hours. The question paper will be available in so many languages such as Gujarati, Marathi, English, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu, etc. The total marks for this entrance exam are 720.

Entrance based admission in Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery

As mentioned above exams, candidates must be required to attempt an entrance test, either at the state level exam or national level exam, or university level exam to pursue this course.

The most common selection process is based on counseling, where the candidate can get a seat according to their merit list or obtained marks in the exam.

Once the merit list has been released the candidate needs to submit specific required documents and get a seat in the college.

How to prepare for the BUMS Entrance Exam

The preparation of this entrance exam is very easy and candidate can clear this exam by just follow some steps.

Students can prepare well for these exams if they follow a timetable and provides a minimum of 4-5 hours each day for the preparation. 

Students should prepare the Biology section thoroughly as most exams will have more questions from biology.

They should follow NCERT and other textbooks along with side some objective question books for the higher preparation of exams.

They should try solving tricky questions in Physics the maximum amount as they will. they ought to also attempt to solve them as quickly as possible.

In Chemistry concentrate more on chemistry and chemistry part.

Before the exam attempt to solve as many mock tests and former year papers as you'll. this may help boost the arrogance level before the exam.

Since the exams are time-based, the more the scholars will practice giving mock tests supported time, the faster they're going to get before the exam.

Syllabus Of BUMS Course

Syllabus of profession 1:

Tarikh-e-Tib, Arabic, Munafe-ul-aza, Mantiq, Umooor-e-Tabaiya, Tashreeh-ul-Badan.

Pathology, Yoga, Physiology, Bedside Clinic, History of Unani System, Anatomy.

BUMS syllabus of profession 2:

Hifzan-e-Sehat (Tahaffuzi-o-Samaji Tib), Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology (IImul Samoom and Tib-e-Qanooni), Pathology and Bed Side Clinic ( IImul Amraz and Sareeriyat), Murakkabat and Saidla (IImul Advia II), Kulliyat and Mufradat (IImul Advia I).

Social Medicine and preventive, Advanced Yoga, Toxicology, Medical Ethics, Dissertation 1, Medical Jurisprudence.

BUMS Syllabus of Profession 3:

Surgery (Jarahiyat), Ophthalmology and ENT (Amraz-e-Ain, Anaf was Halaq, Uzn), Moalijat I, Gyae, Paed, and Obs. ( IImul Qabala Niswan wa Atfal), Moalijat II.

Advanced principles of UnaniMedicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Pediatric, Dissertation 3, Regimental Therapy.

Syllabus Of Final Professional:

IImul Jarahat, Ain, Halaq wa Asnan, Anaf, Amraze Niswan, IImul Qabalatwa Naumaulood.

The course fee of BUMS

The fee of this course is affordable but may vary from one college to another college. The fee in Government College is very less as compared to the private college. The fee of BUMS starts from 50,000 and may go up to 6.3 lakhs per year. Candidates can choose the college as per their requirements and budget.

Career Scope after completing Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery course

After completing the course and internship then the candidate can get an easier job. Once a candidate becomes a professional in Unani medicine he or she can have a huge range of job opportunities. After getting a degree candidate can get a job profile as Lecturer, Therapist, Hakeem, Scientist, Consultant, Medical assistant, Spa director, Public health specialist, and many more. Apart from these job profiles candidates can open their own medical store or clinic. 

Candidate can also make their career in government sectors. There is much high profile job option available after completing the course one can become a scientist or researcher and can earn money three to four lacs per year. The candidate can go with counseling about drugs and addictions and can get six to seven lacs per year. Students can also make their career as a pharmacist who can earn four to five lacs annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

BUMS or BAMS, which degree is better for students?

Both degrees BUMS ( Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery) and BAMS ( Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) are similar to each other. Only there is some difference in techniques and principles. To select one course is totally depends on the student’s choice.

Is the BUMS course available online or can any student can pursue through distance education?

No, students can not do this course through distance mode. The course is only available in colleges. There is no college that offers this BUMS course online. The reason is this course is based on practical knowledge.

What are the job opportunities after the completion of the course?

There are ample job opportunities available for this course:

The candidate can become a Hakeem or consultant.

Candidates can make them in education, like they can become lecturer, teacher.

They can become a Therapist or Pharmacist.

They can also become a Scientist.

It is mandatory to get admission in this course through the entrance exam?

Yes, It is mandatory that students who wish to take admission in BUMS course, then he or she must have to apply for the entrance exam. There are some national and state level exams available. Apart from these entrance exams, some universities offer their own entrance exam.

What is the duration of this course?

This course will take 5.5 years. Students can get admission in this course with the help of national or state level entrance exam.

What is the duration of the internship?

The Candidate must need to do intership after completing their course. The duration of this course is one year.

The course is very popular and have great career opportunities. To do this course, students need to clear the entrance exam after completing the higher secondary degree. The course is very easy and good for those students who wants to make their career in the medical line.

It is very difficult to find best and affordable institute or college to get admission in this course. Students who want to get in this course  then they are at the right place. The institute is offering the best course for BUMS course. To get more information about this course, candidates can contact us and visit our official website. This is the best course for all students.



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