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Amazon Boosts Education in India with JEE Preparation App as Amazon Academy

Amazon on Wednesday launched Amazon Academy, a service that will aim to help students in India prepare to enter the country's prestigious engineering universities. The US firm is the latest participant in this market where dozens of startups and institutes have launched digital offerings in recent years.

The e-commerce giant, which has invested more than $ 6.5 billion in the world's second-largest internet market, said that Amazon Academy offers curated learning materials, live lectures, mock tests, and comprehensive assessments to help students. Learn and practice math, physics and chemistry and prepare for the Joint Entrance Exams (JEE), a government-backed engineering entrance assessment conducted in India for admission to various engineering universities in the country. Approximately two million students take the JEE test each year.

The tests offered at Amazon Academy are “designed to reflect the JEE experience and help students understand the nuances of the exam. Students will also benefit from shortcuts, mnemonics, tips and tricks, equipping them with the necessary tools to retain concepts and solve questions effectively, “the company said in a press release.

Amazon began testing Amazon Academy, formerly known as JEE ready, in India in mid-2019. Amazon Academy, available through its website and as an app for Android and iOS, is free and will continue to be for the "next few months." the company said.More than 260 million children go to school in India, and much of the population sees education as a key to economic progress and a better life. TechCrunch reported last month that Amazon was also looking to hire executives in India to launch Amazon Future Engineer, a program through which it aims to bring computer science education to underserved and underrepresented children and young adults in India this year.

“Amazon Academy aims to provide high-quality, affordable education for everyone, starting with those preparing for the engineering entrance exams. Our mission is to help students achieve their results while empowering educators and content partners to reach millions of students. Our primary focus has been content quality, deep learning analytics, and student experience. This launch will help aspiring engineers to better prepare and achieve the winning edge in JEE,”said Amol Gurwara, Director of Education at Amazon India, in a statement.

Global rivals Amazon, Facebook and Google have also entered India's education market in recent years. Last year, Facebook partnered with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), a government body that oversees education in India's public and private schools, to launch a certified curriculum on digital safety and well-being online, and augmented reality for students and educators.

Facebook also invested in Unacademy, a Bangalore-based startup that offers online learning classes. Google, which invested in Indian educational technology startup Cuemath, also partnered with CBSE to train more than 1 million teachers in India and offer a range of free tools like G Suite for Education, Google Classroom and YouTube to help digitize. the educational experience in the country.

India's leading educational technology startups Byju's, Unacademy and Vedantu also offer classes to students to prepare for the JEE exam. Last year, these startups added tens of millions of students to their platforms after the coronavirus outbreak led New Delhi to close schools across the country. Byju's, which became the world's most valuable educational technology startup last year, is in talks to buy Aakash Educational Services Aakash Educational Services, which owns and operates more than 200 physical tutoring centers across the country for students who They are preparing to qualify for higher engineering and medical schools, for a billion dollars, Bloomberg reported this week.

Now it may seem strange that Amazon is entering the educational technology space - there aren't many immediate synergies in educational technology that Amazon can take advantage of from its core e-commerce business. But Amazon's motivations might have something to do beyond immediate profit and loss: Only a few people write competitive reviews in India each year, so Amazon's startup would be just a problem on their balance sheet. But what Amazon Academy can do is bring young people into the Amazon ecosystem; Crucially, Amazon Academy requires users to sign in with an Amazon account. The fact that children used the Amazon Academy at the age of 17 and 18 could perhaps help Amazon turn them into loyal customers for life, who could then make purchases on Amazon for decades and also buy other Amazon products, including its Prime Video platform, and its Alexa speaker range. E-commerce has long been marketed in India - Flipkart and Amazon now have similar prices and similar user experiences. It seems that Amazon is now innovating in how they acquire their users, and there's no better way to do that than by catching them young.

Live Simulated Testing, Highlights on Amazon Academy

The exam preparation platform has been around for some time. But it is only today that Amazon has made a formal announcement on Amazon Academy.It will offer students a range of JEE preparatory resources at launch, including specially designed mock tests by industry experts, over 15,000 curated questions with detailed step-by-step tips and solutions for practice.

Mock tests include chapter tests, mid-term tests, and full tests that simulate the JEE pattern, helping students manage test preparation at their own pace. Amazon Academy will also conduct live All India simulated tests (AIMT) at scheduled intervals, Amazon said in a press release."Amazon Academy will help applicants to know where they stand with an all-India range for the respective mock test and will assess their performance in the test through custom reports highlighting strength and time analysis by chapters." adds the statement.

No charge on Amazon Academy from now on

Applicants will be able to measure their progress and compare their performance with other JEE applicants who have attempted the test in the same time interval on Amazon Academy. Students can track their progress over time, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and get detailed information on the overall test-taking strategy.Amol Gurwara, Director of Education at Amazon India, said: “Amazon Academy aims to provide high-quality and affordable education for everyone, starting with those preparing for the engineering entrance exams. Our primary focus has been on content quality, deep learning analytics, and student experience. "

In addition to the JEE, those preparing for the BITSAT, VITEEE, SRMJEEE and MET exams, all entrance exams from the best engineering institutes, will also benefit from the quality content resources available.The content is currently available for free and will continue to be available for months to come, Amazon said.

Booming time in India's educational technology sector

The educational technology sector in India has more than 4,400 startups. It is said to be the third in the world, behind the United States and China. India also has Byju, which is one of the most valued startups in the industry.But educational technology startups, sensing an opportunity for growth in these Covid-19 times, have gone too far in trying to entice parents to enroll their children on their platforms. And we've had controversies like with WhiteHat Jr.

The size of India's educational technology market is estimated to grow 3.7 times in the next five years from current levels of $ 2.8 billion to $ 10.4 billion, says a recent report. It suggests that educational technology would go beyond supporting the school curriculum and test preparation, to include learning and skills management systems.

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