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The complete form of the program CCNA is Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. The CCNA program helps the ability to install and to operate or troubleshoot the routed and switched networks. The certificate of CCNA provides new connections to the remote sites via a WAN (wide area network) and understand the fundamental networking terminology and concepts. The certification is the most popular certification and it is the most tech industry after the career credentials. Multiple cisco training programs provide the top college degrees in cisco networking.

The CCNA certification can helps to make connections in a wide area network, basic systems administration concepts, and moderate essential system security threats. The CCNA course is important in the technology industry because it helps to learn alphabets and sentence framing in the language of English. The course also explains all the fundamental concepts.

What is a CCNA Certification course?

The certification CCNA is an associate level certification program that offers a course in networking and it is offered by Cisco Systems. CCNA is known as Cisco certified network associate routing and switching which covers all the basic concepts of Cisco networking along with the IP address schemes., Network Automation, Network security fundamentals, and network programming basics. After the completion of this certification, an aspirant can easily install, troubleshoot, and configure the Cisco routers for medium size networks.

Eligibility Criteria for CCNA

Applicants who have a bachelor’s degree in Information science or computer science can apply for this course. Students who have an engineering degree can also pursue this certification. The CCENT (Cisco certified entry network technician) certification is the best initial stage to get ready for the CCNA accreditation.

CCNA is an associate-level certification course in networking which is provided by the CISCO. To do this certification there is no need for previous networking skills, so anyone can apply for this course if he or she doesn’t have previous networking background. Any candidate between 13 to 17 years of age, then can go with this certification course with their parental consent. If a candidate has 18 years of age or above then can also apply for the course without the need for parental consent.

Skills Required for CCNA

The certification of the CCNA program comprises eight skillsets and these skillsets are divided into 21 skills. Every group is made with different levels and gets improvised as the candidate gain knowledge in a particular group. Apart from this, the CCNA requires some key skills such as organizational skills, analytical skills, communication skills, customer service skills, and other familiarity skills with Microsoft Office Suite with the use of industry specific tools.

All eight CCNA skillset are as follows:

For Data Center technology the CISCO provides certification in Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center. For this certification candidates need Fundamental knowledge of installing and maintaining data centers.

For Design the certification is known as CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate). The proven professional for this certification is the candidate have the ability to design the network infrastructure and services.

For the in routing and switching field, the certification is known as the CCNA Routing and switching. The proven professional for this certification a candidate must have the ability to install the monitor and troubleshoot the network infrastructure products.

Cisco provides the course in the security field, for this the Cisco provides the certification program Cisco certified network associate security. To do this certification aspirants must know about developing the security infrastructure, mitigating the security threats, recognizing threats, and also vulnerabilities to the networks.

For service provider, the Cisco provide the certification in Cisco certified network associate service provider. For this certification, the candidate needs the proper knowledge of the service provider industry and core networking technologies trends, they also have the ability to configure the baseline service providers to the next generation networks.

 For the video program, Cisco provides the certification in CCNA video. To do this course aspirants need to deep knowledge to deploy the videos and set up for the new users and them also able to operate the networked video solutions.

The Cisco also provides the certification course for voice or collaboration, and the certification for this course is CCNA voice. For this course, aspirants need to complete knowledge of VoIP technologies like call control, voicemail solutions, IP technology, handset, and IP PBX.

For wireless program, cisco offers a certification course as CCNA Wireless. For this, aspirants need the ability to configure and troubleshoot the basic tasks of the Cisco WLAN in the Enterprise networks and SMB.

Curriculum Course for CCNA

The CCNA certification for routing and switching educational module is a great gateway of the entry-level systems administration. For this certification candidate need to comprises seventy hour courses, these courses are listed below:

Scaling Networks

Routing and switching Essential

Introduction of the Networks

Connecting Networks

Important Highlights of CCNA Course Details

The full form of CCNA certification is the Cisco Certified Network Associate

The duration of the certification is between three years to one year

The fee structure of the course is 150 USD to 350 USD

The starting salary, after completing the certification is starting from 4.5 lakhs to 8 lakhs per year.

Employment opportunities for the certification are as follows:

The candidate can become a network administrator.

Network Engineer can also another option, after completing the certification

Aspirants can become a Support technician and network technician

They can become a system engineer

Aspirants can start their career as a field engineer

Candidate can go with the Network Designer option

Network planner can also a good option to start the career

Aspirants can also become a Network Implementer

Aspirants can also start their career as Network optimizer

They also go with Network Support Executive profile

Candidate can work as Security Administrator

Important subjects for a CCNA certification course

CCNA is the most popular course for networking. The course was first started in the year 1998. The certification offers deep knowledge of networking technologies. Some important and common topics of the certification are listed below:

IP addressing

Network security and management

IP Routing



OSI models

Network Device Security

Routers or Routing protocols

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

In how many courses the Cisco providing the certification?

CCNA Data Center

CCNA Wireless

CCNA Routing and Switching

CCNA Cloud

CCNA Collaboration

CCNA Industrial

CCNA Service Provider

CCNA Cyber Ops

CCNA Security

List of top colleges which provide CCNA certification?

There are many top training institutes offering this CCNA certification course through offline and online mode. Some top institutes are as follows:

GICSEH, CMS IT TDC, IIHT India, Technocrat institute, Siliconuniv, CMS IT training Institute, Sandgrouse, Precognition Technology, Reliable Network Technology, and many more institutes.

Is CCNA certification is the right career for a candidate?

Yes, the CCNA certification has s bright future, as this course improves networking skills. There are multiple job opportunities available after completing the course.

For how many years the certification of CCNA is valid?

The certification of CCNA course is valid only for the three years. After the completion of three years, the candidate has to again give the exam to keep their certification validated for the next three years.

Can a person qualify for the exam to do the self study?

Yes, if a candidate wants to apply for this certification they don’t need to go to any coaching center. They can do self study at their home to qualify for the exam.

What are the cut off and total marks of the exam?

Aspirants must need to score at least 810 marks and the total marks of the exam are 1000.

How the CCNA certification can help in a candidate’s career?

The CCNA certification provides the vast knowledge of networking and with this program candidates active in the new technologies of networking. After the completion of this certification, there are multiple job opportunities available and a candidate can get a good hike. The program will provide stable employment and growth in their career. The best advantage of this program is, a candidate from a nontechnical background can also apply for this certification.

How many topics will be covered in CCNA exam?

The questions will be asked from scaling networks, routing and switching, networks, connecting networks, and subnetting. Aspirants who want to clear the exam they need to read all these topics. The complete syllabus of the CCNA will available on the official website.




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