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Faculty Development Program is the most important ingredient which helps to enhance professional education and competence. The program helps to enrich to the professional in their key domains of assessing, professionalism, teaching, researching, and administration and also helps to improve the educational environment and also enhances the academic performance of the learners. The faculty development program is considered as an educational pedagogy that helps the foster and professional skills of the professional faculty members.

What is a Faculty Development Program?

Faculty Development Program or FDP is a skilled development program that is designed especially for academic educators. The program can be one week to four months long and the program is conducted by very few institutes. The main objective of this course is attaining sustainable development and helps to achieve higher growth rates.

The major focus of this faculty development program is upgrading the method of teaching and training, especially for those professionals who have not had an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the recent developments in research and teaching methods. This program enables the participants who want to develop competency in management education as well as in management research.

Areas Covered In FDP

  • The program provides formulation and Testing of Hypothesis

  • It offers Innovative Teaching methods in management education

  • The FDP program offers Case Teaching in mgmt

  • It provides Innovative teaching methods in Finance

  • The Faculty Development Program also provides the latest teaching methods in HR

  • This course helps to provide innovative teaching ideas in marketing

Who can go with this program?

The FDP is meant for those management professionals or teachers who are working in management faculties, universities, schools, and skilled institutes. Candidates from teaching backgrounds in employee coaching schools, coaching centers of business organizations and employee coaching institutes of central and state governments that teach management and allied subjects are welcome to go with this program. The program particularly fitted to the management educators seeking to strengthen their understanding of core general management yet as gain exposure to advanced topics, learn and experiment with effective pedagogic techniques, and gain familiarity with essential aspects of concluding analysis studies.

Admission Process of Faculty Development Program

The admission process of this faculty development program is based on the first come and first served technique. But to apply for this course candidate needs to follow some steps:

Step One

In the first step, professionals need to select a college or institute in which they want to get admission.

Step Two

After selecting the college, candidates need to go to the official website of the college.

Step Three

Aspirants should submit an online application form through the Apply Online Tab.

Step Four

The institute will review the application form within three to four working days of the submission.

Step Five

The Institute will communicate the selection decision to the candidate. There is some a telephonic interview may be conducted if required.

Step Six

The selected candidate needs to pay the admission fee within two days after receiving the admission offer letter to confirm the admission.

Eligibility Criteria for FDP

Candidates who want to get admission to the faculty development program, then they need to fulfill the eligibility criteria.

  • The teacher should be a permanent or confirmed employee of the institute, either government or private.

  • The age of a teacher should not be more than 50 years. There is 5-year relaxation in age for the women teach.

  • Five year age relaxation can be considered if any candidate belongs to SC/ ST category.

  • The professionals should have a second class Master's Degree with a minimum percentage of 55.

  • For SC/ST teachers there are percentage criteria is 50%.

  • Teachers who are impaneled or appointed to the date 19th September 1991, they need to have 50% marks. The percentage relaxation for Monitory/SC/ST candidates is 45%.

  • The teacher should have a minimum of three years of experience in teaching, on the date of the submission of their application for the Teacher Fellowship award.

  • The teacher will continue to receive full salary from their Parent Institution during the period of Teacher Fellowship.

  • A teacher who is seeking a Teacher Fellowship for the completion of a Ph.D. degree they should have already registered for the Ph.D. program in any Indian University and completed some work. 

  • The candidate must have a postgraduate degree from a recognized university.

Fee Structure of the Faculty Development Program

The FDP course focuses on multiple areas such as teaching development skills, research, development skills, research methodology, area wise specialization course, perspectives on the management, and many more. The fee structure of the program may vary from one institute to another institute and it may also depend on different countries. But, the average fee for this program is between INR 12,000 to 2, 20,000. Aspirants can get admission for this course either in private or in a government college or from training centers.

Entrance Exam for Faculty Development Program

There is no particular entrance exam to take admission in this program. The willing candidates can take direct admission by just follow simple admission criteria through the online application form from the respective college's official website. After the submission of the application, the selected college will call the aspirant for the interview. The college can also take telephonic interviews with the selected candidate. If a candidate successfully cracks the interview then he or she will be granted admission to the selected college.

How a candidate can get admission to a good FDP institute?

The admission process for this program is very simple. As there is no entrance exam for this FDP program. The main part of this exam is a personal interview, so the candidate must have to prepare for this.

Some steps to get admission in this FDP program are as follows:

The FDP program is conducted by only a few institutes, so go get admission can be difficult for a candidate.

The admission process into this course is usually direct and based on FCFS (First come first serve).

The candidates are selected on the basis of their previous work experience. It is also based on the candidate’s motive behind the joining of the program.

The selection of this program only based on the applicants will require fulfilling the eligibility criteria of the program.

When the application is received by the college, then the college will first review the application and then will call the candidate to check their motive.

During the call, the college will also check who the most deserving candidate for the program is.

Make sure, fill in the correct information when filling the application form.

The interview process either can be on call or the candidate can also call for the interview by the institute or college.

The candidate’s thought process will be judged by the interviewer. So the candidate must have a clear vision and excellent thought process when they sit for the interview.             

By just follow these simple steps, a candidate can get admission to this program.

Academic professionals or educators are accountable to make a student’s career. Thus these educators must have expert knowledge and skill with the new technologies and latest trends.

The main objective of this program is to have interacted with the educators in talent development and establish best practices to deploy in their curricula.

The quality of education in tutorial institutes conjointly depends on the hands of the colleges.

There are so many institutes available that are unable to take care of their education standards. Such institutes always want to get the best educators for their college. This is why the job options after the completion of the FDP program also increase.

  • The educators are ready to see the subsequent outcomes when completion of FDP:

  • The FDP professionals will be skilled with the newest technologies.

  • They will always be ready to expand their faculty roles.

  • They will be ready to improve their analytical skills and quality work.

  • They will explore multiple kinds of teaching pedagogy for rising teaching effectiveness.

  • They will have the capabilities of theory building and validation of the idea developed.

  • They will learn tips for publication in prime tutorial journals.

Specialization for Faculty Development Program

The faculty development programs are conducted in almost every field of study such as science, medical, management, engineering, arts, and may have its specializations.

FDP program in Engineering Domain

This is a short term training course which takes five to six days. The main areas covered in this domain are the Emerging engineering domain, Delivery System, Industrial design, Outcome-based Education, student evaluation, technology-enabled learning, and many more.

  • The main objectives of this program are as follows:

  • The program provides guidance to adopt changes in the curriculum as per the industrial needs

  • It helps to increase the knowledge and skills of teachers in the engineering domain

  • The program equips the professionals with modern methods of the teaching

  • It helps to improve the professional's ethics, values, and competencies.

  • The average fee of this program between INR 6000 to 70,000.

Faculty Development Program in Management Domain

This program is best for those professionals who want to teach management related subjects such as human resource, organizational behavior, operations, computer application, sociology, commerce, strategy, and many more.

The program covers multiple areas such as:

Area wise specialization courses

Case and teaching skill development

Research skill development

Research methodology

Perspectives on management

The average fee of this program starts from INR 80,000 to INR 2, 20,000.

Syllabus of the Faculty Development Program

The faculty development program is a short term program, but there are multiple subjects covered in this program.

Foundation Module Syllabus

Decision Models and Statistical Data Analysis 

Organizational Science 

Philosophy of Management

Introduction to Finance and Money

Economics & Policy

Pedagogy of Teaching

Course design and evaluation

Game-based training

Case-based training

Advanced Research Module Syllabus

Empirical Research Methods

Research Documentation & Publication

Philosophy of Research

Multivariate Data Analysis

Research Methodology

Experimental Design

Career Options after Completing FDP

The program improves the skills of professionals who want to improve their educational and management skills. This program also helps to improve the skills of a teacher and offers a higher level of education in universities, colleges, training centers, and management schools.

Some popular job options and description of this program are as follows:


The candidate can become a lecturer in a reputed institute. The lecturers are hired on the basis of their career merit list or interviews, by the institutions. To get a job as a lecturer, they don’t need a Ph.D. degree. The salary of a lecturer is INR 3, 36,000 per annum.


It is a good option for FDP professionals. Instructors are the professionals who impart their skills in colleges or training centers. They can do this job on a part-time basis. The annual salary of an instructor is INR 4, 20,000.

Associate Professor

To become an associate professor, a professional needs a Ph.D. degree. They are specialized in a particular subject or field. The job role of these professionals is the same as assistant professors but their rank is higher than assistant professors. The yearly salary of an associate professor is INR 9, 36,000.

Assistant professor

Aspirants after completing the FDP program can become an assistant professor. The roles and responsibilities of an assistant professor are to conduct classes, supervise the students, prepare for the classes, classes on the daily basis, and many more. To become an assistant professor, candidates don’t need a Ph.D. degree. The annual starting salary of an assistant professor is INR 4, 20,000.


This is the highest position of a college or institute. The professors are those who hold a Ph.D. degree and have specialized in a particular field. They instruct students in a variety of academic subjects in the college. They also have to conduct research and publish research papers. The annual salary of a professor is INR 15, 92,000.




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