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Know about Film & Video Design Course: Eligibility, Career Options

People who are interested in screenwriting, acting, cinematography, and other career options related to the film industry or make their career in entertainment. In order to make your career in this industry or to want to pursue the course in this field, then go with Film & Video Design Course.  It is important that a candidate first enroll in among the best film making institute in India.

India is one of the largest producers in the film industry. Every year, thousands of candidates make their career in this industry. With the increasing demands of films in both national as well as international markets, the demands of professionally trained filmmakers have also sky-rocketed. Day by day this industry is growing, and there is no doubt people can also get a huge amount of money per day.

What is Film and Video Design?

Film and video design course is an artistic field that is concerned with the integration of films as well as the creation of videos or movies. The main objective of this Film and Video design program is to informed communications, train versatile design, fluent in the production and conception of short as well as movies on a range of education on social and cultural medium and entertainment & marketing communication needs.

Film making is a process that includes ample aspects like direction, cinematography, storytelling, screenplay, the casting of actors, locations for shooting, and also decide the budget. The whole process of creating a movie from scratch entails needs a lot of passion. The degree in Film and Video design provides you the essential experience and knowledge to embark on a career designing and producing the content of films, advertising, TV, Games, 3D animation, motion graphics, etc.

Eligibility Criteria For Film & Video Design

The film and video design course are open for both undergraduate as well as post graduate candidates. The general eligibility criteria for both levels are as follows:

Undergraduate Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants who want to get admission in this program, then they should clear a higher secondary degree from a recognized board or university.

Candidates from any stream can appear for the course.

Aspirants must have at least 50% to 60% marks in intermediate.

Postgraduate Eligibility Criteria

This course is also available for postgraduate candidates.

Aspirants who wish to take admission in film and video design courses then must have a graduation (third year) degree from a recognized university.

Students from any stream can go with this course.

Students must need at least 50% to 60% aggregate marks in their graduation.

Syllabus of Film & Video Design Program

There are many higher education universities/ institutions or colleges which offer Film and Video Design courses. Among all these courses, there are two most popular courses available one is BDes Film and video design course and the second is MDes Film and video design course. Below the curriculum of both these courses are as follows:

BDes Syllabus for Film and Video Course

Year One Syllabus For BDes

Fundamentals of Design 1 (Colour)

Fundamentals of Design 3 (Materials)

Fundamentals of Design 2 (Geometry)

Fundamentals of Design 4 (Form Space and Structure)

Fundamentals of Design 5: Colour II

Fundamentals of Design 6 : Solid Geometry

Fundamentals of Design 7 : Three Dimensionalaties of Form, Space & Structure

Fundamentals of Design 8 : Materials

Design Drawing 1

Design Drawing 2 : Freehand, Analytical & Perspective

Digital Methods 1

Digital Methods 2: Advanced Image Processing and Vector Graphics Applications

Design Process: Problem Solving

Interdesign Studies 2: Urban Environment Exposure

Year Two BDes Syllabus

Introduction to Cinematography

Film Language and Narrative Exercises

Introduction to Sound Recording

The journey of Cinema: Aesthetical and Technical

Guided Film

Short Documentary Film

Fundamentals of Documentary Film Making

Still Photography: Composition, Lensing, Lighting, and Photo Feature

Advanced Cinematography

Introduction to Editing and Technical Formats

Film Theory & Film Appreciation

Short Fiction

Year Third Syllabus For BDes

Collaborative Multi Cam - Narrative Fiction

Music Composition and Recording

Promotional Documentary

Film Theory & Film Analysis

Open Elective

Brand Development and Advertisement Film

Music Picturisation

Short Fiction

Film for Instructional Communication

Collaborative Documentation - Multi Cam – Event

Production Planning

Year Four Syllabus For BDes

Industrial Internship

Professional Elective

Exploratory Documentary

Graduation Project 

Year One Syllabus For MDes

Introduction to Sound Recording

The journey of Cinema : Aesthetical and Technical

Film Language and Narrative Exercises

Short Documentary Film

Guided Film

Introduction to Cinematography

Still Photography: Composition, Lensing, Lighting, and Photo Feature

Fundamentals of Documentary Film Making

Advanced Cinematography

Introduction to Editing and Technical Formats

Advanced Cinematography

Film Theory & Film Appreciation

Year Two Syllabus For MDes

Brand Development and Advertisement Film

Industrial Internship

Production Planning

Film for Instructional Communication

Music Picturisation

Promotional Documentary

Collaborative Multi Cam - Narrative Fiction

Graduation Project

Job profiles and Top Recruiter For Film & Video Design Course

Undergraduates and undergraduates can make their careers in the broad spectrum of moving image including advertising agencies, government agencies, corporate firms, TV channels, corporate firms, etc. There are multiple job opportunities available for the students who completed their Films and Video Design course. 

Some popular job profiles are listed below:


Candidates can go with this profile, cinematographers are those who manage cameras, lightings, operation of technical types of equipment, and also oversees connections to create the images. These candidates are also responsible for the visual impact created by a film.

Production Designer:

A production designer helps to create and manage visual aspects of the film, theatre production, and television. They also work in the coordination with producer and director to create the perfect design style for all the aspects like sets, graphics, and lighting.

Art Director

An art director is professional who is responsible for overall visual aspects of an advertising campaign and media. There are some daily roles and responsibilities that an art director needs to do, these responsibilities are they design, hire, and supervise all assistant art directors.


It is one of the best career options for those who want to make their career in a different field. A filmmaker is those who refer to the producer or director of the film. They are also responsible for taking a film from the starting stage to the end.

Video Editor

A video editor is a professional who edits and assembles recorded raw materials like dialogue, camera footage, effects, etc. 

Skill Set to do a Film and Video Design Course

The Candidate should have a good eye for detail and precision.

They should be intuitive and must have a strong vision for how the elements in a film should play out.

Students must have strong communication skills and have his or her creative ideas to convey to their team members.

The Aspirant needs to be a decisive leader and also a quick problem solver.

They must know how to use new technologies and advanced types of equipment.

A Candidate should be hard working and have good knowledge of the film industries.

They must have organization and visualization skills.

Concentration and patience is an important key to become a professional film and video design.

Admission process for the Film and Video Design Course

There are some steps that a candidate needs to follow to get admission to their selected college.

Steps for filling the application form

Candidates who want to get admission first need to visit the official website of the institute, in which they wish to take admission.

Register on the official website of the college or institute.

After registering, the candidate needs to select their course.

Fill the application form by just provide some personal information like name, address, father’s name, email id, phone number, etc.

Aspirants need to upload all the required documents like signature and passport size photograph.

After filling the form, a candidate needs to pay the application fee.

Complete the fee procedure and click on the submit button.

Popular Film making entrance exams in India

There are multiple colleges available which offers admission on the basis of entrance exam and merit list. On the other hand, many popular colleges provide admission based on their own entrance exam. Some popular entrance exam for film making course are as follows:

SAGE Entrance Exam (SEE)

Whistling Woods International Entrance Exam (WWI Entrance Exam)

Srishti Entrance And Aptitude Test (SEAT)

Duration Of The Course:

The Film and video design B. Des program is a four-year course. The course is divided into eight semesters. On the other hand, the post graduate Film and Video Design M. Des program is a two year course and this course is divided into four semesters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are film and video communication?

In film and video communication individuals are trained to understand the multiple elements of film making and videos. During the film and video communication course, candidates will learn many subjects such as film making, cinematography, photography, production design, videography, effects and many more.

What is the salary of a film and video designer?

The salary of a designer depends on multiple aspects like experience of a designer, company, in which they are working, etc. But, according to the, the average salary of a film and video designer is between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 75,000 per month.

What is the role and responsibilities of a designer?

A film and video designer is responsible for opening and creating the title sequences they also create a title card for a television show. 

Who can go with the film and video design course?

Candidates who have strong knowledge and interest in design and video software, then they can go with this course in film and video design. Both undergraduate and post graduate can opt for this course. For under graduate candidates, they should have at least 50% marks in their higher secondary school. And, for post graduate candidates, they must have graduation degree in a similar field with at least 50% of marks.

What are the skills required to do course?

If any student who want to get a professional life and handsome salary after completing the course then they need to some skills.

Candidate should be aware about the latest trends.

They must have originality and creative thinking

Aspirants must have ability to visualize the output

Must have a strong understanding of client’s requirements

Candidate also needs to have strong communication skills

What are the Job opportunities, after this course?

There are multiple job opportunities available after completing this course. Some popular job opportunities are as follows:

Candidate can below a Filmmaker

Aspirants can go with Art Director.

Production designer can also be a good choice

Candidate can make their career as Cinematographer

They can also become a video editor

Candidates can become usage of graphic software’s and VFX special effects

Film and video design course is a very popular course and easy to do. During the course, students are required to undertake many film projects of different genres including documentaries, television commercials, short fiction films, and many more. These projects help to encourage the student’s development of observational skills, technical proficiency, background research under experienced professionals. It is the best program for those who have an interest in the film and Bollywood industry. 

The course is affordable and is open for all stream students. There are thousands of colleges available for this course in India as well in other countries, so it is very difficult to choose one. This institute offers the best film and video design course at a very affordable fee. This institute also has experienced faculty who are always ready for their students and always provide the best knowledge. To get admission into this institute, now go to our official website and contact us. Candidates can also visit the institute’s office.





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