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“Just learning to think in another language offers you to see your own culture in a better viewpoint”

Due to the competition and growing industries, it is becoming the most important to learn the different languages of thecountries. Some time ago, learning a foreign language was only a hobby for people. In this hyper-connected world that we live in, now people are becoming connected through social media, and without foreign language, people cannot connect to each other.

Having a foreign language is not only boosts up your CV but you can also make a career in different fields like traveling, blogging, etc. learning a foreign language will also make you stand out from the crowd and this will also beneficial to learn a foreign language.

Learning a foreign language will provide you culture and history of the second language. Day by day, the learning of a foreign language is increasing. With the help of foreign languages, people can expand their business abroad and it also booming their career and business.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria depends on the candidate’s selected courses, and it may vary from one course to other course. Candidates who want to go with a foreign language course then they need to follow some eligibility criteria:

There are multiple options to learn a foreign language. Some students who wish to take admission in a foreign language during school. Those people can go with this program after completion of their higher secondary.

For candidates who wish to take admission in this program then there is a leading course for foreign languages i.e. B.A degree program in a foreign language. There are various universities or colleges in India, which are offering a B. A foreign language degree.

There are also some certification and diploma for foreign ;languages courses available in selected colleges.

There is doctoral level programavailable for foreign languages courses.

B.A.Foreign Languages Course:

It is a three-year course, and the minimum eligibility criteria for this course is the successful completion of the higher secondary level of education.

Career opportunities for B.A foreign language degree:

Elementary School level Administrator

Language Instructional Developer

Special Education Teacher

Elementary or Secondary School Teacher

Language Teachers

Research Librarians

Textbook Author and Editor

Foreign Travel Advisor

A representative of Foreign Companies

The tuition fee of the B.A. Foreign Language

The tuition fee for this course in India ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 15,000 for one year. BHU-CET is the only entrance exam, to get admission in this course.

Master’s Degree in Foreign Language

Candidates who want to get admission in a foreign language Master’s course, need a bachelor's degree. It is a two year foreign language postgraduate degree.

Eligibility Criteria For Master’s Foreign Language

The eligibility criteria for the Master’s foreign course is, the candidate needs an undergraduate degree or any equivalent degree with a minimum of 45% to 50% marks.

The annual average fee of this course ranges from INR 1,500 to INR 1,50,000.

Admission process for the Foreign Languages

There are two ways to get admission in this course, one is merit based and the second is entrance exam based. The entrance exam is conducted by the particular college or university. There are some universities available which conduct personal interviews or group discussion for the candidate’s admission.

Aspirants need to follow some steps to get admission in this course:

Candidates first need to visit the official website of their selected college or university.

After selecting a college candidate needs to fill the application form. The application would be available in the application or admission section.

The application form would require some basic details of the candidates such as name, father’s name, adhar card number, mail id, contact details, etc.

After filling in all the basic details, candidates need to submit their application form by paying the application form fee.

In the next step, the students need to start preparing for the entrance exam.

Admit card and date of the entrance exam will appear on the official website or it will be sent on the candidate’s mail id.

Candidates admission will get admission based on the secured marks in their entrance exam.

Eligibility Criteria For Master’s Foreign language course:

The eligibility criteria for admission to MA Foreign language or Master’s in foreign language varies from colleges and universities. The common eligibility criteria include:

An undergraduate degree in your selected language or any equivalent degree with a minimum of 45%. Some colleges op institutes also demand 50% to 75% marks in the undergraduate degree.

Some universities accept application form from those candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline under the 10+2+3 pattern of education with a minimum of 45% marks with B2 or C1 level proficiency within the concerned language.

The candidates with a complicated diploma within any foreign language also are eligible for Master’s degree.

By just meeting the essential eligibility, candidate would be ready to get admission to an MA in foreign language course.


How to prepare for Foreign Languages Entrance Exams

For better understanding, the candidate should do the practice of the previous year’s question papers. With this candidate can understand which types of questions have been asked in the entrance exam.

The entrance exam duration is three hours. So that, candidates need to prepare accordingly.

Questions for foreign language exams are mostly subjective, where part 1 includes short answer type questions and Part two includes Essay type questions, according to your selected language.

Try to write the maximum amount as you'll extend your writing speed.

Solve a minimum of 1 question paper daily, so that you'll get habituated to the exam pattern and deadline.

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Types of Foreign Language Course

Aspirants can pursue this course, according to their requirements and interest. The basic difference between the courses are as follows:

Diploma Course

Certificate Course

Degree Course

Advance Course

Diploma Foreign Language Courses

Diploma in German Languages

Diploma In the French Language

Diploma in Bulgarian

Diploma in Italian

Diploma in Spanish

Undergraduate Foreign Language Courses

BAin Ardha Magadhi

BA in Maithili

BA in Konkani

Bain Persian

Postgraduate Foreign Language Courses

MA in French

MA in German

MA in Arabic Language and Literature

MA in European Languages

Doctoral Foreign Language Courses

Ph.D. in Hungarian

Ph.D. in Persian

Ph.D. in Bulgarian

M.Phil in Italian Studies

M.Phil in Hungarian


Career Opportunities for Foreign Languages Candidates

There are multiple placement opportunities available with handsome salaries after completing the foreign language course.

Aspirants can go deep in research by getting a doctorate degree in their selected language.

One can opt for a teaching option and can become a professor or teacher.

Candidates can work in Tourist Industries, Travel Agencies, Translation, College and Universities. They can also open their online YouTube classes  on the internet.

Some popular job profiles with annual average salaries are listed below:


A translator interprets and translates the messages in real-time between two and more parties. They translate selected foreign languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, and other foreign languages to English and English to other foreign languages. These candidates can do their work independently. The candidates in this profile need to travel frequently because translators need to go to various locations to provide their services. The annual average salary for a translator profile is INR 4,00,000.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are those who are responsible for writing blogs, articles, or books on a project basis. There are multiple duties that a freelance needs to do like they need to gather all information related to articles, they edit and proofread the drafts and articles, write small drafts, checks grammatical errors in drafts, write blogs or articles on their client’s requirements. The average yearly salary of a freelance writer is INR 3,00,000 per year.


Interpreters are those who facilitate communication between two different language parties. They are also translating and re communicating both written and verbal messages from one language to other languages. The annual salary of an interpreter is INR 4,73,000.

Foreign Language Teacher

This professional teaches a foreign language to their native speakers. The job role and responsibilities of a foreign language teacher are to prepare class materials, conduct online or offline classes, provide deep knowledge of foreign language to the students, etc. The average salary of a foreign language teacher is INR 4,80,0000 per year.

Public Relations Officer

These professionals are responsible for manage the overall reputation of the organizations. I this profile candidates need to write a press release and deals with press inquiries. The main objective of this profile is to plan PR campaigns and strategies, monitor public and media’s opinion, write and edit brochures, and many more. The annual salary of these professionals is INR 4,10,000.


A foreign language author develops original content for different mediums such as magazines, books, advertisements, etc. The roles and responsibilities of an author include write television scripts, write original stories for novels, write a story for movies, etc. These professionals also develop story elements like plot, dialogue, characters, etcc. The annual salary package of an author is INR4,20,000.

Apart from all the above job options, candidates can go to other job profiles such as Diplomatic Service Professional, Tourist Guide, Secretarial and Executive Assignments, Attendant at hotels, Air hostess or Slight Steward, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are the average annual fees of Post graduation or graduation foreign language courses?

The fee structure always depends on the chosen university or college. The fee also may vary from one college to another college and also depends on different countries. But, the average fee ranges from INR 15,00 to INR 1,50,000.

Can the candidate pursue a master's foreign languages course online?

No, the candidate cannot pursue a master’s degree in a foreign language through an online medium. As a master's degree can only be provided by a recognized university. On the other hand, there are some colleges or universities available which offer distance education courses but the candidate cannot earn a master’s degree via online platforms.

Is it necessary for a candidate that he or must possess a bachelor’s degree in the same foreign language to get admission to Master’s?

No, there is no bar for this, candidates from any stream can pursue this course. Only the basic eligibility may vary according to the selected university.

How much time a Master’s degree will complete?

The master’s degree in a foreign language will complete in two years.

What is the duration of a Bachelor’s degree?

The candidate can complete their bachelor’s degree in a foreign language in three years.

What is the fee for the certification in foreign languages?

The fee for certification courses ranges from INR 500 to INR 1500.

How to find the best college for foreign languages courses in India?

There are hundreds of colleges available for foreign languages courses, but to find the best one can be difficult. Some popular list of colleges are as follows:

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Panache Academy

The Heritage College

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Rayat Bahra University

Doon University

AligarhMuslim University

Hansraj College

What are the career options of foreign language courses?

After completing the foreign languages course, candidate can become translator, interpreter, foreign language teacher, professor or teacher, freelance writer, etc. Candidates can earn handsome salary from all these job profiles.

There are so many colleges available in India which offers foreign language courses. But to get the best college can be difficult. This college offers the best course for foreign languages under the presence of experienced professionals. The fee of this college is also very affordable and best for all students. Apart from this course, the institute offers multiple courses for UG or PG students. For more information, candidate can get in touch with us .





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