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Master of Divinity (magister divinitatis in Latin) or also called MDiv, is known to be one of the first professional degrees in spiritual philosophy. The course curriculum mainly includes subjects related to Christian ministry and theology. MDiv is a 3-year graduate course for students seeking to join the pastoral profession. In this course, students study ministerial skills, theology, history, language, the Bible, and thereby acquire specialized knowledge in religious beliefs.

Admission to the program is based on the performance of students on entrance exams conducted by different institutes. The exam curriculum consists primarily of English and knowledge of the Bible. The entire curriculum is divided into six semesters.

To join the course, students must possess a Bachelor's Degree (BA / B. Sc / B. Com) from a recognized university or Bachelor of Theology from a recognized institute like Serampore Senate, Asian Theological Association, etc. with a minimum of 50% brands together. The average tuition for the course is approximately INR 28,000 to 2.25 lakhs. Some of the best universities in India offering MDiv are mentioned below:

Institute Name           

Admission Process     

Average Annual Fees

New India Bible Seminary, Changanacherry        

Entrance examination

INR 50000

India Bible College and Seminary, Kumbanad 

Entrance examination

INR 2.25 Lacs

Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Ernakulam      

Entrance examination

INR 90,000

South Asia Institute of Advanced Asian Studies, Bengaluru      

Entrance examination

INR 1.5 Lacs

Southern Asia Bible College, Bengaluru      

Entrance examination

INR 80,000


After completing the course, students are placed in various roles in chapels, ministries, schools, hospitals, colleges, etc. The average starting salary that students receive in India is INR 6 lakhs per year. Salary increases with advancement in experience and expertise.Although there are various roles to join after completing MDiv, one can also study further and earn degrees like Doctor of Divinity or Doctor of Sacred Theology, etc.


Master of Divinity (MDiv.) Admission process

Many of the institutes collect applications online, while some accept online and offline enrollment. Some institutes also offer direct admission to the course.

Below is a step-by-step guide to apply for the MDiv course online:

  • Go to the intake portal and register with a valid email ID and phone number.
  • Fill the application form correctly.
  • Upload the scanned copy of the required documents, photos and signature.
  • Check the application form again to make sure it is completed correctly.
  • Pay the prescribed application fee to complete the application process.

MDiv eligibility

Candidates wishing to pursue the course must meet the minimum eligibility criteria. The minimum eligibility criteria for acceptance into an MDiv course are mentioned below:

The candidate must possess a graduation or equivalent degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized university. The candidate is required to have completed the graduation course in any of the following: BA, B.Sc, B.Com or Bachelor of Theology (B.Th). The Bachelor of Theology must be obtained from the Asian Theological Association or the Serampore Senate. Candidates must possess at least 50% total grades while completing their graduation. Students who are currently studying in their final year of graduation can also apply on a provisional basis. Candidates who do not meet the minimum educational qualification, but have related experience and knowledge and are over 30 years old, can apply for admission to the course as mature candidates. All eligible candidates must pass the entrance exam and personal interview in order to join the course.

MDiv entrance exam

Most of the institutes that offer this course, such as Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary, South Asia Institute of Advanced Asian Studies, etc., take an entrance test for admission to the course. The entrance exam primarily assesses students' knowledge of the Bible, general knowledge, and the English language. Some of the popular institutes that take an entrance examination for admission to the course are mentioned below:

  • Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Ernakulam,
  • South Asian Institute for Advanced Asian Studies, Bangalore,
  • India Bible College and Seminary, Kumbanad,
  • New India Biblical Seminary, Changanacherry

These institutes allow applicants eligible for the entrance exam, those who pass the entrance exam are summoned for an interview.

How to prepare for the MDiv entrance exam?

Although different institutes conduct entrance exams individually, the main topics of the entrance exam are consistent with each other. The entrance exam primarily assesses students' knowledge of the following:

  • The Bible
  • General knowledge
  • English language.

Students who know these topics well can easily pass the exam. Fluency in the language and a thorough knowledge of the Bible will certainly help the student in the interview itself and depending on the candidate's performance on both the written exam and the interview, the final list of merits will be prepared.

How to get admission to a good MDiv university?

Master of Divinity is a postgraduate course, therefore one should focus on graduation and ensure good grades. As most universities offer admission on the basis of entrance exams, it is imperative to prepare well for entrance exams. Candidates must have a good knowledge of the study program and the latest model of entrance exams. Candidates should write down important dates related to application, entrance exam, and admission and keep them in mind. Candidates should start preparing as early as possible so that once they have completed the syllabus they can review it and also try some mock essays. Candidates should write the exam with a calm mind and try to optimize the score. Candidates can prepare for the interview by keeping them updated on the latest issues, they can also do some mock interviews before showing up for the real one.

MDiv: What is it about?

Divinity is a liberal subject that needs a different kind of mental orientation and the course cannot be approached with a pragmatic or secular mindset. If you want to make a career or a fortune or have reasons to earn money, this course may not be for you after all, as it requires more spiritual inclination to progress.

Aims and objectives

The Master of Divinity program is designed in such a way as to enable students to acquire both extensive theological knowledge and ministerial skills. It also allows students to specialize in a theological subject of their choice. The subjects available for specialization are Theology, Biblical Studies, Practical Theology, Intercultural and Religious Studies. This course meets the minimum eligibility criteria that one needs to possess in order to teach at the Graduate level (Bachelor of Theology).

Curricular course


The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the work of Christian Ministry through a comprehensive study of biblical and theological disciplines along with discovery, nurturing, and development to be more effective in the service of religion and people. It is a multidisciplinary course that involves the study of different languages and history in detail, this makes the student also an expert in many other aspects.

Why pursue a master of divinity (MDiv)?

The title of Master of Divinity (MDiv), is a qualification requirement for people interested in carrying out activities related to a pastoral profession. It is also considered a professional title that allows the student to be ordained to the clergy. People who have a master's degree in theology often find themselves working with people for their betterment, therefore those who like to work with people for different social causes can join the course. 

The job profile one gets after Master of Divinity often includes initiating social and cultural activities, making it an exciting course for people who love to organize social and cultural events. Many students become motivators and speakers after obtaining the degree, those who like to motivate people for their individual good and the collective good of society can join the course. The Master of Divinity (MDiv) symbolizes that the degree holder has received education in a multidisciplinary area of study, which is an amalgam of history, culture, language, and theology. 

This makes one a very good candidate for jobs in those specializations, especially if you add another field of study to your existing degree, MA in history or language or psychology, etc., for example.

Master of Divinity (MDiv) course comparison

MDivvsM.Th: Master of Divinity and Master of Theology, both courses are related to the nature of divinity and faith. Both courses serve a similar purpose, but they have some key differences. Some of the differences between the Master of Theology and the Master of Divinity are mentioned below:





Full form        

Master of Divinity      

Master of Theology

Degree Type   




3 years

2 years

Main Aim of Study      

The Master of Divinity course prepares the students for being leaders or representatives in the churches.        

The master of Theology course prepares the students for serving in churches for noble causes or working as a social worker or religious teacher.

Examination Type      





Average Fees  

INR 28,000 to 2.25 Lacs         

INR 20,000 to 30000Lacs

Average Starting Salary         

INR 6 Lacs per annum

INR 4 Lacs per annum


Master of Divinity (MDiv) Top Colleges

Institute Name           


Average Annual Fees

New India Bible Seminary      


INR 50000

India Bible College and Seminary        


INR 2.25 Lacs

Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary


INR 90,000

South Asia Institute of Advanced Asian Studies         


INR 1.5 Lacs

Southern Asia Bible College


INR 80,000

India Bible College     


INR 28,000

Jubilee Memorial Bible College


INR 1.3 Lacs


Master of Divinity (MDiv) Distance Education

Many universities offer Master of Divinity in distance mode. Some of the popular institutes offering this distance course are: Union Biblical Seminary, Theological Seminary of the Indian Pentecostal Church, etc. The average fee to follow the course in distance mode is 15,000 INR.

Master of Divinity Program (MDiv)

The program aims to traverse the human experience of faith and how diverse people and cultures communicate the same. The curriculum for the program is broken down below in a tabulated format:

Semester 1     

Semester 2

Elementary Greek Language I

Elementary Greek Language II

Advanced Church History I    

Advanced Church History II

Advanced Minor Prophets     

Advanced Poetical Books

Advanced General Epistles    

Advanced Pentateuch

Advanced Hebrew Language 

Advanced Prison Epistles

Advanced Comp. Rel.

Biblical Theology Of Miss.


Semester 3     

Semester 4

Advanced Theology I 

Advanced Theology II

Greek Syntax  

Greek Exegetical Methods

Elementary Hebrew Language I        

Elementary Hebrew Language II


OT Introduction          

NT Introduction

Advanced Revelation 

Advanced Hermeneutics

Advanced Daniel        

Dynamic Preaching I


Semester 5     

Semester 6

Advanced Theology III

Advanced Theology IV

Greek Exegesis           

Advanced I Corinthians

Hebrew Syntax           

Hebrew Exegesis

Advanced Romans     

NT Theology

Advanced Bapt. Hist. &Distinctive     

Advanced Dispensationalist

Dynamic Preaching II 

Advanced History of Fundamentalism


Doctrinal Statement


Master of Divinity (MDiv) career prospects

Theology programs are professional and generally organized around the pastorate and changed effectively for things like chaplaincy and missionary work.


Job Description

Hospice Chaplain

Hospice chaplains work to provide spiritual support to terminally ill patients and their families.

Inspirational Speaker

The job of an Inspirational Speaker is to present speeches on areas of their expertise to a live audience.

Youth Pastor

The job of a youth pastor is to ensure that youth ministry is carried out in a focused and effective manner.


Christian counselors are professional counselors who provide counseling services to people of faith.


Master of Divinity (MDiv) Future Scopes

In addition to traditional job roles, there are many other career prospects for Master of Divinity graduates. Some of which include:

Secular Ministries - Students can begin their own ministry with the added benefit of the training they received while taking the Master of Divinity course. Ministries can be customized depending on who the founder wants as the target audience: men, women, mothers, recovering alcoholics,

on religion. They can also serve as a social service that people can use to get together. Students can serve as your primary advisor and motivator. They will be able to earn money from grants, donations or special funds requested on behalf of those they will help.

Teaching: The Master of Divinity (MDiv) denotes that the holder is educated in a multidisciplinary area of study that is a combination of history, culture, language, and theology. This makes one a very good candidate for students who want to work as teachers in those specializations, especially if another field of study is added to their MA degree in the discipline in which they want to teach.

Writer - A student pursuing the Master of Divinity has many opportunities to do research on many interesting topics that come up as part of their studies. Documenting the learning they get in the middle of the process can result in writing for magazines, or they can start their own writing business to become a published author. This will open up many avenues for a professional, as published scholars are always highly respected in academia.

Higher studies: a student after completing the course can choose to study further and obtain doctorate degrees such as Doctor of Divinity or Doctor of Sacred Theology, etc. This will allow you to specialize in a theological subject and then enter as a teacher in educational institutes who teach theological subjects.

FAQ’s on Master of Divinity

Q.1. what is the full form for MDiv?

Answer. The full form for MDiv is the Master of Divinity.

Q.2. what is the duration of the course?

Answer. The minimum duration to complete the course is 3 years.

Q.3. what are some subjects that are taught in the course?

Answer. Elementary Greek Language, Advanced Church History, Advanced Minor Prophets, Advanced General Epistles are some of the subjects taught in the course.

Q.4. What after MDiv?

Answer. After completing the course you can join in job roles like Counsellor, International Speaker, Youth Pastor Etc., or you can choose to form a ministry or explore your career as a teacher or writer.

Q.5. what is the average salary after MDiv?

Answer. The average salary after MDiv is INR 6 Lacs.

Q.6. what is the average fee for the course?

Answer. The average fee for the course is INR 28000 to 2.25 lacs.



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