Important Notification & Date Sheet for the CBSE Exam 2021

The date sheet for the CBSE 10th and 12th exams has been officially announced by Ramesh Pokhriyal (Education minister of India). As per the official announcement the CBSE board exams will be started from the 4th May 2021 and will be ended by 10th June 2021. The practical exams for classes will start from the 1st March 2021 onwards. The board announced the result date for CBSE 10th and 12th classes on 15th July 2021.

Students, who are in the 10th/ high school or 12th/ intermediate class and are also preparing for the exam then must go through the article and get all the important information about the CBSE exam 2021. It is advisable that they should go through the CBSE sample papers 2021, do more and more practice, mock question papers, exam pattern, and syllabus.

Students make sure that, there will be all the safety measures that must be taken to protect the students from this pandemic. Students need to wear gloves and masks before entering the examination hall. The use of sanitizers will also be mandatory during the exam. Apart from this, students must have to carry their admit cards in the examination hall.

Date Sheet of CBSE 12th Exam 2021

 The subject wise code and date of the exam are listed below:

May 4th, 2021- 748- Information storage and retrieval, 743- Retail Operations, code 738- Understanding the evaluation & other forms of mass media,  code 72 for Mass media studies, 735- Food Production, 67- Multimedia and Web Tech, 794- Derivative Market Operations, 816- Horticulture, 801- Retail, 756- Introduction to the Hospitality Management, 811- Banking, 813- Healthcare, 823- Cost Accounting, Security-800, 819- Electrical Technology, Music Production- 832,834- Food Nutrition and Dietetics,  826- Shorthand, 787- Electrical Machines, 779- Textile Chemical Processing, 628- Autoshop Repair

May 5th, 2021- 804- Automotive, 73- Knowledge tradition and practices, 807- Beauty and wellness, 805- Financial market Mgmt., 814- Insurance, 627- Auto Engineering, 808- Agriculture, 828- Medical Diagnostics, 57- Bharatnatyam, 56- Kathak, 61- Kathakali, 59- Odissi, 58- Kuchipudi

6th May 2021- 49- Painting, 739- CRTV and COM PRAC MM, 50- Graphics, 52- App or Commercial Art, 795- Database Mgmt Application, 51- Sculpture, 788- Electrical Appliances

7th May 2021- 37- Psychology

8th May 2021- 84- Physical Education

10th May 2021- 824- Office Procedures and practices, 829- Textile Design, 66- Entrepreneurship, 777- Traditional Indian Textile

11th May 2021- 821- Media, 803- Web Application, 796- Web Application

12th May 2021- 101- English Elective, 1- English Elective, 301- English Core

15th May 2021- 303- Urdu Core, 76- National Cadet Corps, Sanskrit Core-322, Sanskrit Elective code is 22,  Urdu Elective-3, Engineering Sciences code is 622, 831- Salesmanship, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration code is 827, 810- Front Office Operation, 830- Design

17th May 2021- 607- Typography and computer application English- Old, 46- Engineering Sciences, 609- Typography and Computer Application Hindi- Old, 793- Capital Market Operation, 820- Electronic Technology, 817- Typography and computer Application- New, 778- Printed Textile, 837- Fashion Studies, 836- Library Information Science

17th May 2021- 625- Applied Physics, 42- Physics

18th May 2021- History code is 27

19th May 2021- Marketing code is 812

20th May 2021- Accountancy code is 55

21st May 2021- Political Science code is 28

24th May 2021- Chemistry code is 43

25th May 2021- 806- Tourism

26th May 2021- Economics code is 30

27th May 2021- 44- Biology

28th May 2021- 32- Carnatic Music MEL INS, 35- Hindustani Music MEL INS, 822- Taxation, 36- Hindustani Music PER INS, 31- Carnatic Music Vocal

1st June 2021- 840- Applied Mathematics, 41- Mathematics

2nd June 2021- 809- Food Production, 734- Food Production III, 825- Shorthand English- New, 74- Legal Studies, 608- Shorthand English- Old

3rd June 2021- 106- Tamil, 114- Assamese, 116- Arabic, 111- Manipuri, 104- Punjabi,110- Gujarati,  108- Sindhi, 105- Bengali, 107- Telugu, 113- Odia code is 113, 115- Kannada, Tibetan code is 1167, 120- German, 118- French, 123- Persian, 193- Tangkhul, 195- Bhutia, 198- Mizo, 199- Bahasa Melayu, 192- Bodo, 194- Japanese

4th June 2021- 302- Hindi Core, 2- Hindi Elective

5th June 2021- 265- Informatics Practice- Old, 83- Computer Science, 65- Informatics practice- New, 802- Information Technology, 283- Computer Science

7th June 2021- 29- Geography

8th June 2021- 833- Business Administration, 54- Business Studies, 64- Home Science

9th June 2021- 45- Biotechnology

10th June 2021- 39- Sociology

Date Sheet of CBSE 10th Exam 2021

4th May 2021- Security, Introduction to financial markets, Security, Retailing, Beauty and wellness, Introduction to tourism, Front office operations, Food Production, Apparel, Media, Banking and Insurance, Agriculture, Multisikll foundation course

5th May 2021- E-Publishing and e- office, National Cadet Corps, Home Science

6th May 2021- Marketing and sales, Information Technology

7th May 2021- German, Gurung, French, Kannada, Arabic, Japanese

10th May 2021- Russian, Nepali, Persian, Lepcha, Telugu, Bengali, Ursu Course- A, Sindhi, Manipuri, Gujarati, Odia, Assamese, Sindhi, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tibetan, Telugu- Telangana, BhasaMelayu, Sherpa, Undu Course B, Mozo, Spanish, Rai, Kashmiri, Tangkhul, Tamang, Bhutia

11th May 2021- English Literature and Language, English Communication

12th May 2021- Elementary book keeping and accountancy

15th May 2021- Hindi course A and Hindi Course B

17th May 2021- Carnatic Music, Hindustani Music Mel Ins, Carnatic Music Vocal, Hindustani Music Percussion, Carnatic Music Mel Ins

18th May 2021- Science- W/O Practical, Science- Theory

19th May 2021- Sanskrit

20th May 2021- Elem of Business, Mathematics Basics, Mathematics Standard

22nd May 2021- Social Science

28th May 2021- Info and Comm Tech, Computer Applications

Frequently Asked Question and Answer

How many shifts are there for the CBSE intermediate board exam 2021?

The CBSE exam for the class intermediate board will only be held in one shift.

What things a student can carry during the exam?

A student doesn’t allow to take any electrical device like a Bluetooth watch, pen, pen drive, mobile phone, etc. They only need to carry their admit card and pen/ pencil kit during the exam.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students must have to carry a mask, gloves, and sanitizer.

How a student can prepare for the CBSE 10th or 12th exam?

Candidates should prepare for their 10th or 12th exam with the help of their books. They must have to do more and more practice of their week subjects or points, do practice of sample papers and mock test, etc. It is advisable, students complete their practice at least 15 days before the exam date.

 How to check their exam date and time?

Students will able to directly check their result, exam date and time of the exam from the CBSE official website.



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