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Why you should choose a Ph.D. degree?

The full form of Ph.D. is Doctor Of Philosophy, it is one of the most coveted degree in the world of academics. Ph d program is the highest academic degree awarded by universities. The maximum time of this program is five or six years. Students who are planning to pursue Ph. D in India, then they must know the best way to choose the right university. In this blog, you will get complete information about Ph.D.

What is PhD?

 PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) which is an abbreviation of the Latin term where Ph stands for ilosophiae and d is for the doctor. The word ‘philosophy’ refers to the original Greek meaning: philo friend or lover and Sophia mean wisdom. It is actually an Ancient Greek degree. The Phd degree was brought in to recognize those candidates who demonstrate the necessary skills and expertise.

Usually, the duration of Phd course is three years and a maximum time span of five to six years. But, the duration of the course may vary from one university to another university. Any candidate who wants to pursue a PhD program, he or she needs a master’s degree.

There are two types of Ph. D degrees available one if Regular and the second is Integrated. Aspirants who are interested in regular PhD after their post graduation then they have to appear various exams like UGC NET, JRF, CSIR NET, GATE, TIFR, etc. These all exams depends on the field of study and choices of the universities or colleges.

Aspirants, who are interested in the Integrated PhD course just after their graduation then they have to go for exams like GATE, IIT JAM Exams, etc. With these exams, candidates can get the best PhD universities in India.

MBBS doctors can not go with part time Phd course but for academic doctors, this can be a good choice.

Some popular PhD programs with categories are as follows:


PhD in Humanities

PhD Geography

PhD In Social Work

PhD In Arts

PhD in Social Sciences

PhD in Humanities & Life Sciences

PhD in International Relations and Politics

PhD in Psychology

PhD in Public Policy


PhD Biotechnology

PhD in Applied Chemistry and Polymer Technology

PhD in Physics

PhD in Applied Sciences

PhD Zoology

PhD in Basic and Applied Sciences

PhD in Mathematics

PhD in Bioscience


PhD in Accounting and Financial Management

Phd in Commerce Management


PhD in Computer Science

PhD in Engineering and Technology

PhD in Information Technology

PhD in Chemical Engineering

PhD in Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering

PhD in Mechanical Engineering

PhD Program in Quantitative Techniques

PhD in Chemical Engineering

Phd in Marine Biotechnology

Business and Management

PhD in Accounting and Financial Management

Phd in Commerce and management

PhD in Aviation Management

Phd in Commerce

Phd in logistics and supply chain management

Phd in Business Administration

Phd in Management

Phd in Marketing/ Brand Management


Phd in Law

Phd in Law and Governance

Phd in Legal Studies

Phd in Constitutional Law

Teaching And Education

Phd in Teaching

Phd in Education

Apart from these courses, many universities also offer PhD degree in various fields such as PhD in political science, PhD in Music, PhD in Public Administration, Phd in English Litrature, Phd in International relations, Phd in Cyber security, and many more.  A candidate must have good knowledge of the subject or topic so that he or she can present thesis on that.

The PhD Research Process

Unlike other Masters courses or undergraduate programs, a PhD is a pure research degree. But it does not mean that students will just spend three years in a library. In fact, in modern PhD comes with many different components.

The process of Phd research paper is very easy, if the candidate has in depth knowledhe then he or she can do it very easily. If you will do PhD with this institute then don’t need to worry. As we have so many experts in our institute so they always help you. And you will get solution of your problem.

Required Skills To Pursue PhD

The candidate who wants to get PhD degree then he/she can choose the subject or field as per their interest and passion. This degree needs in depth knowledge of the candidate on the subject which he or she has chosen. So that, a candidate can give their best performance and can get the best percentage. Apart from this, a candidate should be dedicated to their work. He/she also has good knowledge of research and also self motivated. A candidate must have fast and good writing capacity.

Who is Eligible To Apply?

Candidates, who have completed their master’s degree, only they are eligible to pursue a Ph.D course. Mean that, only those students are eligible for Phd if they completed their post graduate degree in a similar course or similar fields or stream. Some universities or colleges are offered Phd if any candidate has to MPhil.

In India,the minimum requirement for PhD is, a candidate have Masters's Degree in the relevant subject with an overall percentage of 55%. For engineering students GATE or NET exam is necessary and for others NET exam is necessary.

There are so many universities provide Phd degree if candidates have cleared UGC NET or GATE. There are different types of categories available to pursue PHD.

Some categories are as follows:

Regular and Full Time:

The regular and full time Phd course is very easy and any candidate can go with this type of process. But, A candidate will come in regular or full time category Phd if he or she will foloow some pre defined criteria.

There are some criteria to do  regular Phd

A candidate must have B.Tech/ B.E. or equivalent degree and must have to qualify GATE score above the prescribed cut off level.

Candidate must have M.Sc. or equivalent degree and qualify with the GATE score.

Aspirants must have M.A. Degree in Humanities or social sciences subjects with valid NET qualifications.

Candidates must have M.Tech./M.Des./M.E. or equivalent degree.


A candidate eligible for PhD course if he or she has Bachelor’s (B.Des/B.Tech) or Master’s (M.A./ M.Sc.) degree from an IIT with a minimum CPI score (8.0 to 10).

Sponsored and Full Time

An another type of course of is Sponsored and full time course. A sponsored and Full Time Category is subsidized by a recognized government organization,

academic institutions for doing PhD on a full-time basis. A candidate should be a regular employee of the sponsoring organization with at least one year of professional experience in the respective field.

Employed and Part Time

A part time employed category is a professionally employed and known as a regular employee of IIT, who can pursue the PhD program during his or her job. He or she can do part time work for the Phd thesis. But during this part time course he or she must be currently a regular employee of the organization and has at least one year of professional experience in their respective field. This is best for academic students and for those who want to get doctorate degree without loosing their job.

Self Financed and Part Time

 A student will come in Self financed and part time category when he or she pursues a program without getting the financial assistantship from the university. He/ She can do part time Phd for the thesis. The program is best for all type of candidates.

Project Staff and Full Time

This is the best course for those who really want to make career in Phd. A student comes in Project Staff and Full Time category when he or she is employed in a sponsored project of the university and also can be admitted to the Phd program to work on a full time basis for the thesis. The remaining duration of the project should be at least one year. In case when the project gets completed before the time of submission of the project then his or her category will be converted to Self Financed unless the person is granted an assistantship from the institute.

External And Part Time

External and part time corse is best for those who want to do get Ph. D degree but don’t want to leave their job or profession. When a candidate who is employed in an R&D organization and has adequate research facilities then he or she will come in the External and Part Time category. In this category, he or she will be able to carry out their PhD thesis research work on a part time basis. In this category, their parent organization comes under the local supervison but their overall guidance offered by the university faculty member. Apart from this he/ she must be a regular employee of the organization with at least one year and also have professional experience minimum of one year in the respective field.

Admission Process of PhD degree

If any candidate decide to get an admission in PhD then can easily get admission in authorized university by just follow some steps. Any aspirants who want to pursue secure admission in research programs or PhD by the authorized educational institute or university. The candidate need to follow some steps

Step 1:

First, A candidate needs to search and visit the official website of the institute. After finding the appropriate website the candidate goes through the all details of PhD degree offered by the institute. Select the stream in which he or she wants to pursue the Phd.

Step 2:

After doing all search, Candidates need to check and visit the official website on daily basis fill the application form for their admission. Generally, the admission notification is released four to five months before the commencement of the course cycle.

Step 3:

After getting information or notification of the application form, the candidate can go to the official website of the institute. Fill the application form with correct information and submit the application form before the last date of the application form.

Step 4:

Make sure before submitting your application, a candidate needs to pay a fee. The average fee of Ph. D course starts from INR 20,000 to 40,000 per year.

Note that: The fee structure of the Ph.D course may from course to course and university to university.

Step 5:

Some colleges specify that the candidate must have to submit their research proposals along with application form. In that case, the candidate needs to submit their research proposals along with their application form.

Step 6:

The admission to PhD is done through an entrance exam at the university level.

Step 7:

Aspirants will be selected for the PhD course, based on the admission rounds, and then will be assigned under the supervision for their PhD research.

Structure Of PhD

  • A Candidate need to follow some steps when pursuing a Phd degree:

  • When an aspirant is selected for their PhD course, offered by an educational institute then he or she needs to submit their research proposal on their Research Topic.

  • After submitting a research proposal, candidates are allocated a research guide or supervisor.

  • Institute will provide all the details to the candidate related to their course work, evaluation methodology and time table by their Research paper supervisor.

  • During the research, work candidate need to submit six-month progress report of their research work to the guide.

  • A student also needs to give at least two to four seminar presentations as a part of their tenure. They also need to submit a certificate in the prescribed format to the research unit.

  • Apart from this, the candidate also needs to publish at least one research paper in a refereed journal and also have to submit a certificate in the prescribed format before submitting the thesis.

  • Before submitting the thesis, a candidate need to give a presentation in the seminar hall and this seminar will organize by their supervisor. The report of the presentation will be going for the suggestions for the improvements which ensure that the candidate incorporates all these suggestions in their final thesis.

  • After that, students need to incorporate all the changes and then submitted a summary of the thesis to their supervisor at least before forty five days.

  • After this, the candidate needs to submit their thesis in the hard copy and soft copy.  These all thesis will be examined by external experts.

  • If the expert suggests any modification in the research paper, then the candidate needs to re-submit the thesis according to supervisor suggestions.

  • In the last candidate needs to give viva on their thesis and also present his or her point of view before a panel of experts.

  • If the candidate followed all the above steps with perfection, then only she or he will be able to get PhD degree.

Job Prospects after Ph.D

Nowadays, there is immense scope for those candidates who completed their Ph.D. There are lots of career options after completed PhD. No matter in which stream a candidate did Phd, as Phd course has so many options by which any person can earn a handsome salary and can make their career. Some career options such as Scientist, Lecturer, Author, Writer, Researcher, Industrial R & D lab professional, Independent Consultant, Editor and Critic, Senior Researcher, and many more.

A Doctor of Philosophy is one of the most educational and highest degrees. Candidates, who are looking for affordable and want to get admission in the best institute or authorized university. Here, they can get the best options for their PhD degree. This institute offers full time as well as part time degree in Ph. D Candidate can choose their course as per their requirements. For more information visit our website and get the solution to your queries.





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