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Nowadays, the Retail management course becomes the most popular specializations of the management study. In general words, Retailing is the process of selling goods or services or products to the consumers. And Management is the process of managing the proper utilization of resources.

A few years back, the meaning of retail has been just selling of goods and services in the market places, door to door, and by hand delivery. But now, the trend has been totally changed in the retail market. As of now, the retail industries are trying to establish a network marketing with the help of online shopping and through the websites or other online platforms.

Due to its separate specialization, every year, more than thousands of students are going with this course. This course has a bright future and has multiple job opportunities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      What is Retail Management?

The meaning of retail management process is selling goods or services to the customers and earns a profit from them, through multiple channels. With an emphasis on marketing and retail management topics, the study explores many key developments and trends in this area. The course objective is to provide a comprehensive view of retailing and provide deep knowledge.

During the retail management course, students will learn how to use technologies in order to analyze data from retail systems. The course teaches all the basic principles of 

Marketing which includes planning and managing marketing strategies, distribution, segmentation, product policy, promotion, and pricing decisions.

Types of Retail Management Course

There are three types of retail management courses available:

Diploma in Retail Management

The duration of the diploma in retail management is one year. This course is under graduate level course. During this course, students learn from the ground level and provide a top level of retail management course. This course focuses on business regulation and helps to create a well managed business. Students also learn to use the internet and detailed knowledge of networking. The diploma course usually includes introductory and marketing retail.

Eligibility criteria for Diploma in Retail Management

The minimum eligibility criteria required for this course is, the candidate needs 50 to 60% aggregate marks in their higher secondary. Candidates also have maths as a compulsory subject in 10+2.

Admission process for Diploma in Retail Management

Candidates who want to get admission in Diploma (Retail Management) then they need to first appear for MAT, CAT, and XAT universal level entrance exam.

Bachelor’s Degree in Retail Management

BBA in retail management is a three year UG course. This course covers all the important aspects of the retail industry and it also provides all the necessary knowledge to the students. The main objective of this course is to resolve all activities like personal and resource management, management of finances, inventory control of retail management, merchandising, and marketing. This course curriculum is as designed which helps to provide a top to bottom knowledge for the functioning of the retail establishment.

Eligibility Criteria

This course is available for those candidates who have passed intermediate degree from a recognized board. The BBA retail mgmt course is divided into six semesters.

Admission process

The admission process is based on the scores of GMAT, CMAT, SNAP, ATMA entrance exams.

Master’s Degree in Retail Management

The third type of retail management course is available in Masters. Master’s in retail management course will complete in two years. This degree focuses on the management of the retail business. The course not only provides a general management perspective, but it also offers fundamentals and practices of management. During the course, students are taught to identify the problems and get innovative methods to improve the retail process.

Eligibility Criteria for Master’s in retail management

Candidates need at least 45% in their graduation degree from a recognized university. Aspirants from any stream are welcome to apply for this master's course.

Admission Process

The most common and easy route for this course can go through an entrance exam. Aspirants must have qualified XAT, MAT, and CAT entrance exams.

Skills required to do Retail Management Course

A candidate who wish to get admission in a retail management course, and then they need to have some skills to do the course.

Aspirants have to keen interest in the retail sector

Candidates must have leadership qualities

Aspirants also have quick decision making skills

Candidates need to have strong communication skills

They must also have great problem solving skills

The candidate should be hard working and the ability to think critically

Popular Specializations of the course

Customer Relation

Business Mathematics

Mall Management



Marketing Strategies

Competitive analysis and planning


Retail Course Subjects

During the retail management course candidates teach many retail management concepts like relationship marketing, market segmentation, merchandising, trends, and information technology in retailing. This course will help aspirants to build their awareness in marketing, brands, and retail philosophies. The complete syllabus of Diploma, BBA, and MBA are given below.

Diploma in Retail Management Syllabus

Diploma in retail management is a one year course, and it is divided into two semesters. The course provides deep knowledge and understanding of retail management. The semester wise course is listed below:

Semester One Syllabus

Services Marketing

Consumer Behavior

Principles and Practices of Management

Retail Management- I

Sales Management

Semester Second Syllabus

Concepts in Supply chain management

Retail Management- II

Management Information Systems

Marketing Management

BBA in Retail Management Syllabus

BBA is a bachelor course or undergraduate course. This course completes in three years. Candidates can get brief and deep knowledge of retail management. The curriculum of this course is much managed. The course is divided into six semesters. 

First year syllabus

Logistics Management

Human Resource Management

Basic principles of Management


Basics of Economics

Retailing Fundamentals

Marketing Principles

Second Year Syllabus

Principles of E Commerce

Legal aspects of retail businesses

Supply chain management

Customer Relationship mgmt

Visual Merchandising

Information system

Organizational Behavior

Third Year Syllabus for BBA retail management

Branding in Retail

Retail Branding

Business Ethics

Retail data analytics

Store management

Sales Management

Syllabus for MBA in Retail Management 

MBA in the retail management syllabus is divided into four semesters. The semester wise syllabus of MBA is as follows:

The First Semester Syllabus

Economic Analysis

Behavioral Science

Fundamentals of Retailing



The Second Semester Syllabus

Human Resource Management

Merchandising Management

Financial Management

Shopper’s Behavior

Marketing Research

Third Semester Syllabus

Computer Relationship Management

Franchising in retailing

Strategic Management

Lean Six Sigma

Mall Dynamics

Real Estate Management

Fourth Semester Syllabus

Business Communication

Sales Promotion

Retailing of Insurance Products


Rural Retail



Career Opportunities in Retail Management

Indian retail industry is becoming the fifth-largest industry in the world. The industry accounts for a major chunk of the Indian economy and also has an important share in the GDP of India. Apart from this, it has a huge score for growth in the rural as well as urban retailing in India. This is why this industry offers unlimited career opportunities for retail management professionals.

There are some key areas of employment for retail management is as follows:

Firms related to logistics

Supply chain management


Departmental Stores

Retail Outlets

Manufacturing Companies

Shopping malls

Some popular job positions in the retail management course are listed below:

Store Manager

A store manager monitors all the budget of the organizations which includes product purchasing, inventory, retail budgets, and sales. These store manager professionals work closely with the regional managers & store owners to manage, determine and coordinate on the cost effective marketing strategies. The annual salary of a store manager starts from INR 4, 21,000.

Production Manager

The production manager professional typically supervises a team which includes assistant directors and a production coordinator. A production manager is responsible for handling, hiring, scheduling, and budgeting all insurance issues. The roles and responsibilities also comply with safety and union regulations. They also work with live television and media for the promotion of the organization. The average annual salary of a production manager is INR 7, 02,000.

Senior Sales Manager

A senior sales manager is responsible for review strategies to increase revenue and provide new sales marketing strategies to other professionals of the organization. They manage sales growth, sales reports, and also optimize particular products and services in the marketplace. Apart from this, other duties of a senior sales manager include meeting with sourcing and operational departments to streamline business procedures. They are the higher professional of the organization and the annual salary of a senior manager is 12, 00,000.

Retail Banking Officer

A retail banking officer helps customers to select the right product and give personal answers to the customer's questions about the product. They greet customers when they enter the store or office. They play a very important role in the organization and the average salary of a retail banking officer is INR 4, 80,000.

Retail Account Manager

A retail account manager serves as the main contact between their organization and individual clients. They manage and develop customer’s business accounts. They also provide technical support to the customers. They must have good knowledge of the market and strategies so that they need to change and analyze the accounts of their clients. INR 9, 60,000 is the annual average salary of a retail account manager.

Apart from all these job profiles, the candidate can choose more options such as Sales Analyst, Visual Merchandiser, Retail Buyer, Image Promoter, Marketing Executive, Department Manager, etc.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

What is a retail management certificate?

It is a short term educational program which offers an educational certificate instead of a degree. This certificate takes a few months or a year. A retail management certificate is the best for those who want to get a professional certification in retail management and wants to make their career in the retail industry.

Is retail management having a good career?

Yes, retail management has a very lucrative career. There are ample job options available after completing the retail management course. The course also provides a respectable job at the management level.

What are the highest positions in retail?

There are many highest job profiles available in retail, some popular are as follows:

Regional loss prevention manager

Customer Service Supervisor

Retail Account Manager

Store Manager

General Manager

Customer service manager

Regional manager

What skills do you need to become a professional retail manager?

Only a degree wills not enough to become a professional retail manager. There are some important skills a candidate needs to become a successful retail manager.

Candidate must have leadership skills

They must have the ability to work well with clients and colleagues

They should be patient and have strong communication skills

Candidates must have customer service and customers dealing skills

They should be up to date on marketing strategies

How to get admission for Diploma in Retail Management?

Candidates who wish to get a certificate in retail management then they should follow some criteria. Candidate must have 10+2 degree with at least 50 to 60% from a recognized university.

How to take admission in the Master’s degree in retail management?

Aspirants who are looking for get admission in retail management master’s degree they must have a bachelor’s degree from the recognized university. The minimum percentage is required for this course is 45 to 50%.

Retail Management is a popular degree. The degree is available for all levels of students. As we know there are thousands of colleges and universities available in India which offers this course. SO it is very difficult to select the best one. So, the candidates who are looking for the best college in retail management then they are in the right place. As this college is offering Diploma, Bachelor, and Master’s degree course in retail management. The fee for this institute is very affordable. For more info. Candidates can visit our official website and can directly contact us.




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