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Travel and tourism management courses are for those students who see themselves working in the most interesting, dynamic, and fastest-growing industries in the whole world. Students who go with this degree will prepare to be professionals who manage and provide tourism opportunities including travel, planning, programming, and hospitality. Graduates with this course will have a huge range of opportunities. The degree offers a comprehensive set of requirements and practical experience and provides solid foundations in management, HRM, events management, cultural economics, tourism strategy, operations.

What is Travel and Tourism Management Program?

Students who want to make their careers in the travel and tourism industry, and then they can pursue a course at undergraduate as well as postgraduate level. Apart from undergraduate and postgraduate students can also diploma and get a certificate in travel and tourism management.

There are many courses available in the field of travel and tourism management and the courses are BBA in Tour and Travel Management, BA in travel and tourism management, BA (Honors) travel and tourism management, BSc in travel and tourism management, Bachelor of tourism and travel management, BSc in Hospitality and Tourism, Tourism and hospitality, and many more courses. Apart from undergraduate courses, many postgraduate are also available and can study in this field like MSc in Airlines Tourism and Hospitality Management, MSc hotel and tourism management, MA in tourism, MBA in tourism management, MBA in hotel management and tourism, MSc hospitality, and tourism management, and many more postgraduate courses.

In the bachelor’s program in travel & tourism, the coursework covers many topics related to financial planning, marketing, promotion and amenities management, personnel management, etc. Practical works involve projects constructed in the second year. In this program, courses also available for high school students also and these courses are designed for working professionals and non-traditional students. The course is best for all students like for high school students, intermediate students, and graduate students also.

Bachelor’s in travel and tourism management

Many hospitality management programs explore concepts in front office management, managerial accounting, and facilities management. Some bachelor courses are listed below:

Hospitality Law

Food and beverage management

Tourism and lodging computer applications

Hospitality or tourism marketing

Purchasing Fundamentals

What do travel & tourism professionals do?

Generally, candidates from this industry strive to offer customers memorable and exceptional experiences while helping their organization’s to stay profitable. The professionals in the hospitality field can blend their love of entertaining others with a keen business sense and also providing an excellent return for the customers.

Some important points are listed below:

Candidate helps to conduct guided tours

They help to put and book package holidays for the people

Candidate from bachelor travel and tourism plan events and manage a travel agency

Professionals also disburse the information on traveler health and safety

The research for the bookings to provide travel guide to the customers

They must have good communication skills so that can provide complete information about the bookings

Eligibility Criteria for Travel and Management Program

Aspirants who want to apply for this course should be eligible for the course. To pursue travel and tourism courses at the undergraduate level they have completed their intermediate from a recognized board with passing marks. Many colleges add additional eligibility criteria which state students must have English as a core subject in 10+2.

On the other hand, people who want to get admission to a postgraduate course in travel and tourism need a graduate degree from any stream. Some many colleges or universities prefer those students who are graduating in the same field i.e. travel and tourism management. Students who want to join this course need to be able to multi-task. Some important skills that a candidate needs to be a successful professional in the travel and tourism management industry:

Professionals should be creative and confident.

Students who wish to take admission then or can adjust in a crowd or different circumstances

They must have a responsible and polite demeanor

The most important skills that a candidate needs i.e. he or she must be a good listener

Aspirants should have multitasking

He or she has a willingness to work long

They must have good communication skills

They need to be dedicated to their work

Syllabus of Travel and Tourism Management Course

The syllabus of this course may vary from college to college and it also depends on the degree. Some common topics of the program are as follows

Bachelor of Tourism Management Syllabus

  • Hindi

  • English Business Environment for Tourism

  • Geography of Tourism

  • Introduction to Tourism

  • Tourism Documentation

  • Transport Management

  • Hotel Business

  • Tourism in India

  • Pilgrimage Tourism

  • HRM in Tourism

  • Principles of Management

  • Hotel Business

  • Tourism Marketing

  • An instruction to travel agency and tour operation business in India

  • Communicative English

  • Communication Skills and personality development

  • Computer applications in tourism

  • Impacts of tourism

  • Communicative English

  • Adventure Tourism

  • Entrepreneurship in Tourism

  • International tourism

  • Sustainable tourism

  • Tourist Guiding

BBA in tour and travel management syllabus

  • Business Economics part- I

  • Computer Fundamentals part-I

  • Principles of management

  • Business Mathematics

  • Financial accounting

  • Communication Skills- I

  • Personality development

  • Computer Lab

  • Business Economics part – II

  • Fundamentals of travel and tourism

  • Database management system

  • Business organization

  • Quantitative techniques and operation research in management

  • Personality development and communication skills- II

  • Cost accounting

  • Indian Economy

  • Management Accounting

  • Computer Application- I

  • Marketing management

  • Personal development and communication skills- III

  • Human Resource Management

  • Minor Projects and presentations

  • Computer application lab- I

  • Business Environment

  • Computer application – II

  • Marketing research

  • Business laws

  • Computer application lab- II

  • Taxation laws

  • Values and ethics in business

  • Ecology, environment, and tourism

  • Foreign language (French- I)

  • Sales and customer relationship management

  • Financial management

  • Summer training report and viva- voice

  • Management of information system

  • Computer application lab

  • Airlines, travel, tours, and hotels

  • Computer application lab- II

  • trends in travel and tourism & laws 4

  • Marketing in the Service Industry

  • Project planning and evaluation

  • International Business management

  • Entrepreneurship business management

  • Ait ticketing and foreign exchange management

  • BA in travel and tourism management

  • Feature Writing

  • Environment Studies

  • History of India

  • Foundation course in English

  • Foundation course in languages like Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, etc.

  • Ecology environment and tourism

  • Environmental Studies

  • Foundation course in humanities and social sciences

  • Indian culture: a perspective for tourism

  • Tourism development: products, case studies and operation

  • Tourism marketing

  • Management in tourism

  • Tourism management

Bachelor of tourism and travel management syllabus

  • Indian geography

  • Religious tourism- I

  • Foreign language

  • Cultural tourism of India

  • Environment studies- I

  • Basics of tourism management

  • Applications of computers

  • Natural tourism products

  • World geography of tourism

  • Environmental studies- II

  • Tourism organizations

  • Travel agency tour operator

  • Historical tourism of India

  • International tourism business

  • Automation in travel and tourism

  • Travel documentation

  • Tourism trends in India

  • Effective listening

  • Principles of management

  • Transport management

  • Tourism planning

  • Cargo management

  • Airline operations management economics of tourism

  • Coping strategies

  • Eco tourism

  • Management information system

  • Group dynamics

  • Managerial accounting

  • Sociology of tourism

  • Tourism

  • Corporate communication

  • Tourist behavior

  • Employability skills

  • Human resource management

  • destination management

  • Basics of revenue management

  • Workplace communication

  • Entrepreneurship development

  • Relationship management

  • Tourism technology

  • Research methodology

  • Syllabus of BA travel and tourism

  • Ecotourism

  • The significance and Impact of Tourism

  • Special Interest Tourism

  • Tourism policy and strategy

  • Resort and Casino Management

  • Tourism planning and development

  • Governance and Tourism

  • The significance and Impact of tourism

  • Human Resource Management in Tourism

  • Hospitality and Leisure Services

  • Strategic Marketing for tourism, hospitality and leisure

  • Strategic Financial Management

  • BA Tourism Studies Syllabus

  • Ecology and Environment

  • Environmental studies

  • History of India

  • Tourism

  • Foundation Course in English

  • Human Environment

  • Foundation Course in any one of the modern Indian language such as Bengali, Punjabi, hindi, and many more languages

  • Foundation course in science and technology

  • Foundation Course in Tourism

  • Management in Tourism

  • Indian Culture: A perspective for tourism

  • Foundation Course in Humanities and social science

  • Tourism Marketing

  • Personality development

  • Tourism management

  • Tourism development: Case studies

BSc in Travel and tourism Management Syllabus

  • Principles of Marketing

  • Basic Communication

  • Travel and tourism Industry

  • Computer Fundamentals

  • Tourism Management

  • Introduction to Accounting

  • Communicative English

  • Eco Tourism

  • Art Heritage of India

  • International Tourism

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Human Resource Management

  • Quality management in Tourism

  • Business Economics

  • Environment and Ecology

  • Event management

  • Stress management

  • BSc in hospitality and tourism syllabus

  • Foreign Language

  • Business communication and personality development

  • Fundamentals of hospitality Industry

  • Computing and information system in hospitality

  • Fundamentals of tourism

  • National and International tourism organizations

  • Geography and tourism

  • Tourism products

  • Basic Airface and ticketing

  • Tourism Marketing

  • Tourism Resources- International

  • Hospitality Industry= Trends, Evolution, Concept, and development

  • Linkages in tourism and other sectors

  • Economics off tourism and new trends in tourism

  • Hospitality Industry- Management and planning

  • Transport and Accommodation

  • Tourism planning

  • BSc Airlines tourism and hospitality

  • Basic of management

  • Customer care and Interpersonal skills

  • Basic of tourism

  • Geography of tourism

  • HR management

  • Tourism products and services

  • Business Communication

  • Sales and marketing

  • Tourism industry profile

  • PR

  • Communication skills

  • Front office operations

  • Tourism policy in India

  • Resort Management

  • Basic of computer

  • Travel Agency and tour operations

  • Hospitality management

  • Quality management

  • Event management

  • PG course of Travel and tourism management

Masters in travel and tourism management syllabus

  • Travel trade management

  • Geography of tourism

  • Ethical business and legal environment of tourism

  • Indian Cultural heritage

  • Tourism Industry: Practices and principles

  • Managing behavioral processes in organization

  • E- Tourism

  • Soft-core: communication skills

  • Methodology of research

  • Management Accounting for tourism

  • Sustainable tourism

  • Destination Marketing

  • Soft-core: personality development

  • International Tourism and ticketing

  • Foreign Languages study

  • International tourism and ticketing

  • Indian Heritage

  • HR management

  • Foreign languages study

  • Public relations

  • Transport management

  • Tourism Finance

  • Event management

  • MSc Hospitality and tourism management

  • Tourism management

  • International hospitality business

  • Quality service and operations

  • Tourism Entrepreneurship and innovation management

  • Food and beverage management

  • Research and quantitative methods

  • HR management and industrial Relations

  • Strategic planning and management in tourism and hospitality business

  • Decision making under uncertainty

  • Property management

  • Tourism and hospitality marketing

  • Sustainable tourism development

  • Event planning and mgmt

  • MSc in airlines tourism and hospitality management syllabus

  • Resort and event management

  • Tourism products and services

  • Basics of tourism and management

  • Business communications

  • Sales and marketing and PR

  • Customer care and interpersonal skills

  • Front office operations

  • Geography of tourism

  • Travel agency and tour operations

  • Airlines and hospitality management

  • Tourism policy of India

MSc hotel and tourism management syllabus

  • Management of hospitality operations

  • Business communications

  • Travel and tourism Dynamics

  • Environmental studies and risk management

  • ICT in hospitality and tourism management

  • World tourism Geo in tourism and hospitality

  • Major destinations of India and world

  • Language skills Elective

  • Professional development and event management

  • International hospitality and tourism marketing

  • Research methodology and tourism policy planning

  • Indian culture and art

  • Gastronomic tourism

  • Services management in tourism and hospitality

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Language skills elective

  • Career development

  • Design and creativity

  • Strategic hospitality and tourism management

  • Professional development and event mgmt

  • Professional elective- I

  • Basics of photography

  • Technology transfer through joint venture

  • Cloud computer and cyber security

  • Program elective

Master’s of art in tourism management syllabus

  • Accounting Finance and Working Capital for Tourism Managers

  • Human Resource Planning and Development in Tourism

  • Information Management and Information Systems in India

  • Management Functions and Behavior in Tourism

  • Managing Personnel in Tourism

  • Sales and Product Management in Tourism

  • Understanding Tourism Markets

  • Marketing for Tourism Managers

  • Tourism Impacts

  • Sales and Product Management in Tourism

  • Understanding Tourism Markets

  • Tourism Products: Design and Development

  • Tourist Transport Operations (Road Transport)

  • Tourism Planning and Development

  • Meeting, Incentives, Conferences and Expositions (MICE)

MBA in hotel management and tourism syllabus

  • Accounting and Finance for Managers

  • Quantitative Techniques for Management

  • Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior

  • Marketing Management

  • Managerial Economics

  • Research Methods for Management

  • Tourism Planning and Marketing

  • Operations Management

  • International Tourism Management

  • Service Marketing

  • Tourism Business Environment

  • Business Environment and Ethics

  • International Hospitality Law

  • Strategic Management

MBA Travel and tourism Syllabus

  • Principles, policies, and practices of tourism  

  • Business statistics

  • Principles of management

  • Heritage tourism

  • Tourism management information system

  • Tourism resources and products

  • Human resource management and labor laws

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Tourism planning and development

  • Travel consultancy and tour operations

  • Tourism planning and development

  • Business policy and strategic management   

  • Sustainable and green tourism

  • Hotel and restaurant administration

  • Event management

  • Business policy and strategic management   

  • Airline and cargo management

  • Organizational Behavior

Travel and tourism management career opportunities

After completing the degree in travel and tourism there are ample job opportunities open for the candidates. Some job profile are listed below

  • Travel Agent or Consultant

  • Travel Coordinator

  • Tour Operation Manager

  • Tourism Manager

  • Customer Care Executive

  • Operations Analyst

  • Tourist Guide

  • Tour and travel operators

Travel and tourism management program is a very popular program, and it is suitable for all students either they are from 10th, 12th and graduate. The best advantage of this course is anyone can pursue this course.





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