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About Yoga courses

The eligibility criteria for the program require candidates to pass the 10 + 2 exam in any applicable course with a good command of English. The course consists of semesters taken at the end of the course as well as a practical exam.

Nowadays, yoga has a very good effect on our lives, and it is very much in demand in the modern lifestyle, and students are eager to make a career in this field.

Professionals who share their knowledge of meditation and yoga are called yoga teachers or yogis.

Not in India, but also abroad, there is a great career in yoga. Yoga is an ancient art and a natural way to keep your body fit and healthy. Yoga not only helps physically but also improves mental health.

Today, people can choose to study yoga or pursue a career in yoga. A yoga instructor career can be one of the most rewarding. This job falls into the broader category of aerobics instructors and fitness instructors. By understanding the holistic benefits of yoga, more and more private companies, schools, hospitals, fitness centers, etc. They are hiring yoga instructors. Furthermore, the government intends to create many vacancies for yoga instructors in the coming years.

An integral part of yoga is the physical exercises they do, which they call asanas, and the breathing exercises, which they call pranayama.

Fitness is a lure of the modern world that requires a yoga teacher or instructor around the world.

Yoga not only relaxes a person but also keeps him in shape. Besides physical fitness, yoga is also beneficial for reducing respiratory ailments, hypertension, and helps in treating conditions such as diabetes, depression, stress, etc.


Working as a yoga teacher gives a person the opportunity to pursue a career wherever he travels. However, despite this, being a yoga teacher is not easy. You need to be patient and determined, have perseverance, and a lot of practice.

Applicants must submit a medical certificate confirming that the person is suitable for the course. Taking into account the state of health of the person, the marks obtained in the qualifying exams, and other criteria established by the respective colleges, admissions will be processed additionally. The program introduces students to the physiological and psychological foundations of yoga and its impact on the body and mind of people.

The person taking part in the program must be physically healthy and not suffer from any chronic diseases that may prevent him from taking the course. A calm and collected mind will help students to easily perform all asanas. Upon successful completion of the practical and written examinations, candidates will be awarded a diploma certificate upon completion of the program. Students can benefit from this program, which will provide a solid base for those looking to pursue higher education in this subject.


Yoga Diploma: Course Highlights


Course level



1 year

Examination Type



Qualifying 10+2 examination in any relevant stream, fluency in English, Medical certificate of Fitness.

Admission process

Merit List

Course Fee

Up to INR 7,000 to 45,000

Average salary

Approx. Up to INR 2 to 16 lakhs per annum

Top Recruiting Companies

Hospitals, Colleges, Fitness Centres, Wellness Centres, etc.

Job Positions

Yoga Instructor, Programme Officer, Publication Officer (Yoga), Assistant Research Officer, etc.


Eligibility criteria for yoga courses:


  • The minimum criteria established for the Yoga Diploma program are as follows:

  • Those who successfully pass the 10 + 2 exam in any relevant stream are eligible for admission.

  • Students must provide a medical certificate of eligibility.

  • Candidates wishing to take a Master of Arts (MA) in Yoga or Master of Science (MSc) in Yoga courses must complete an undergraduate / bachelor's degree in Yoga Therapy.


Admission process for yoga courses:


Admission to the Yoga Diploma program is required to meet the eligibility criteria set by the relevant colleges. Candidates must pass the 10 + 2 exam in any applicable course. They must have a good command of English, both in writing and speaking.


Selected students will undergo a medical examination to confirm their physical fitness and ensure that they do not suffer from any chronic medical conditions that may interfere with their yoga practice. Applicants need to download the application form from the college's online portal.

The documents mentioned below must be attached to the registration form or sent online as a scanned copy:


  • Approval and examination certificate for the 10th and 12th grades

  • Residential proof

  • Certificate of aptitude by doctors

  • Four passport-size photographs (number subject to change according to college standards)


All important information about the entrance exam dates, admission dates, and other important details can be obtained on the official website of the colleges.


Course Description Of yoga Courses:


There are many courses available in this area with which students can pursue their careers in this area. Some of the most popular courses are mentioned here:


Certification course:

Certified Yoga Course (CCY): This is one and a half courses with an approved HSC qualification. There is no age limit for this course.



Bachelor of Arts (Yoga Philosophy): The duration of this course will be three years with 10 + 2 eligibility from any stream with a minimum grade of 45%.

UG. Diploma in Yoga Education: This is a one-year course with a six-month internship with the right to graduate in any direction with a yoga certificate.


Master course:

PG. Diploma in Yoga Therapy: This is a one-year course leading to a degree in any direction from any recognized university.

Master of Yoga: This is a two-year course with a minimum entitlement to a degree in any field.


Another course:

Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Yoga (AYTTC): A one-month course with the right to a certificate, diploma, or graduation in yoga with two years of yoga teaching experience.


Syllabus of Yoga courses:


The yoga diploma program consists of theory and practical teaching methods. Students are also trained, which allows them to work as instructors in the future. Students get acquainted with the basics and principles of yoga, receive practical training in the implementation of various asanas and their use for both mental and physical health.


The general curriculum followed by most of the universities and colleges covered by the program is presented in the following table:


Subjects of Study

Foundation & Philosophy of Yogic Science and Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Foundation of Naturopathy

Anatomy of the Human Body

Yoga and Cultural Synthesis & Value Education

Yoga and Mental Health

Practical training (Theory & Practice)

Teaching Methods for Yogic Practices

Yoga and Social Behavior


Skills required for Yoga courses:


In addition to your academic qualifications, you also need to possess some of the following skills, including:


  • Good communication skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Skills to encourage others to believe in yoga

  • Strong determination

  • Have the willpower to practice the most difficult asanas or yogic postures.


On a professional level, you can usually specialize in one of the following models:


  • Yoga exercises for fitness

  • Spiritual yoga

  • Yoga therapy

  • Yoga is specially designed for children

  • Yoga for the elderly

  • Yoga for couples

  • Corporate yoga

  • Prenatal and/or postpartum yoga

  • Private yoga classes

  • Retreats or seminars


Yoga colleges, duration, and fees of the course:


The course is offered in various colleges and universities across India. Below is a list of colleges with duration and cost of yoga courses


College name



University of Technology, Jaipur

1 Year 

Rs 20, 000

Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

1 Year

Rs 30, 000

Uttarakhand Open University, Uttarakhand

2 Years

Rs 22, 000

Patna University, Patna

1 Year

Rs 8,500

University of Madras

1 Year

Rs 4,000

Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar

1 Year

Rs 60,000

Dr. C. V. Raman University, Bilaspur

1 Year

Rs 16,000

Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi

1 Year

Rs 22,000

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune

1 Year

Rs 25,000

Vishwa Bharati University, West Bengal

1 Year

Rs 30,000

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

1 Year

Rs 25,000




The course fee for the program varies for different educational institutions. The average cost of a course is between Rs 7,000 and Rs 45,000. Candidates, having learned the intricacies of the subject, students can become yoga instructors, trainers, guides, and so on. The average student salary ranges from 2 to 16 Lac per year.


Yoga Courses career scope:


Seeing the benefits of Yoga, career opportunities in this field are increasing in India and abroad as well. After taking yoga classes, you can work in health clubs, yoga and pilates studios, special needs centers, private gymnasiums, and in individual clients' homes.


"After becoming a yoga instructor, you would usually be self-employed running your own yoga school."

There are several job options for yoga professionals in both the public and private sectors. You can also work independently by opening your own yoga center.


Yoga is also opening various vacancies in fields such as research, management, hospital, university, administration, consulting, etc. The government has made it mandatory to have a yoga teacher in every school.


Some positions:


  • Yoga instructor

  • Yoga therapist

  • Yoga advisor

  • Yoga specialist

  • Yoga practitioner

  • Yoga teacher

  • Research Fellow - Yoga and Naturopathy

  • Yoga and aerobics instructor

  • Yoga Consultant

  • Publication Officer (Yoga)

  • Yoga manager


Top Recruiters:


  • Public and private schools

  • Yoga and naturopathy colleges or institutions

  • ESIC General Hospital of the People of Ahmedabad

  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation

  • Central Council for Research in Homeopathy

  • Research Center Center

  • Resorts

Responsibilities of a yoga instructor:


  • Develop courses and lesson plans.

  • Review the fitness level and requirements of all participants.

  • Demonstrate and do all the yoga exercises to the participants.

  • Develop safe and comprehensive yoga programs for different participants.

  • Monitor participants' progress and recommend different yoga exercises.


Yoga Diploma: Career Prospects


A Yoga Diploma is considered to be a lucrative course in terms of the opportunities offered to the candidate after completion. Candidates may not only choose to pursue a higher education program with a doctoral degree in yoga, but also have a variety of job opportunities in various sectors upon completion. Applicants are taught basic and advanced yoga asanas, entrusting them with the detailed knowledge and benefits of each asana.

Candidates, upon successful completion of the course, have the opportunity to work as a yoga instructor in schools, colleges, government agencies, hospitals, or may even choose to set up their own private institute to transfer yoga knowledge to practitioners. They can become therapists, yoga experts, program directors, publications (yoga), and more.


Job Profile

Job Description

Average Salary (in INR) per annum

Yoga Instructor

Instructing students and pupils about the asanas, their uses on health and helping them perform the postures with ease in order to increase their level of fitness.

2 to 16 lakhs

Publication Officer (Yoga)

Arrangement of promotional papers for the programs and campaigns taken up, create leaflets, advertise to the public, management of staff, and maintenance of publication-related work.

2 to 3 lakhs


Counseling people and patients, offering them help to perform the different yoga asanas, treat ailments using yogic techniques of medication and exercises.

2 to 4 lakhs

Yoga Manager

Managing studio related operations and ensuring all the operational duties are carried out efficiently.

3 to 4 lakhs

Programme Officer

Implementation of duties, oversee staff development, management of projects, funds, and daily activities of the organization.

5 to 6 lakhs

Yoga Experts

Instructing and guiding people about the art of yoga helping them increase their fitness level and balance their body and mind.

3 to 4 lakhs

Assistant Research Officer

Assisting research officers in carrying out their work efficiently. Collection of data, evaluation of the project, and entrusting duties to the team.

3 to 4 lakhs


Guide and entrust the people with the skills and knowledge needed about the subject for efficient working.

4 to 5 lakhs

Research Officer

Collection of data, analyzing, and evaluating projects.

4 to 5 lakhs

About Diploma in Yoga:


The importance of Yoga has increased around the world, with more and more people becoming aware of its health benefits in terms of both physical and mental health. In addition to becoming a means of leading a healthy lifestyle, yoga has also morphed into a mode of the profession, with people opting for a career in this field. The Diploma in Yoga program plans to provide the required training to aspirants who wish to pursue a further career in this field.

The program helps spread the knowledge of the benefits of Yoga to restore people's health and help them lead a healthy and ailment-free lifestyle. To enroll in this program, the candidate must possess the zeal and aptitude to gain a thorough understanding of the various dimensions of yoga and its application. Considered the most traditional way to maintain health and cure ailments, yoga has emerged as a lucrative industry for employment.

The curriculum is designed in such a way as to impart to the candidate knowledge of both the physiological and psychological aspects of the subject. The program is divided into written theory, practice, and training. Students are taught the anatomy of the human body, learning asanas, the history of yoga, the benefits of yoga, and so on. The program in addition to providing students with detailed knowledge of the subject also helps to polish the personality, they are made calmer and equipped with the skills to make them skilled masters of the subject.

The Diploma in Yoga is a beneficial subject for those wishing to undertake further research programs on the subject. Candidates need to be medically fit to undertake this study as any ailment or disease can make learning the program impossible and can lead to further health complications.

Upon completion of the course, students are able to take on instructor and trainer positions at renowned universities, hospitals, spas, fitness centers, etc. The course aims to train and prepare candidates for the exoteric aspects of Yoga by making them competent to lead an esoteric lifestyle.




  • "The salaries in this area are excellent."

  • In India, the average salary for a yoga instructor ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 per month. Abroad, they can get a good salary in this area.

  • As a renowned instructor in the field with a master's or Ph.D. degree, one can earn up to 1 lakh per month. Earnings will also depend on the location, sector, company, education, etc.

  • The highest paid jobs are in educational support services, followed by religious organizations.


FAQs related to Yoga course:

Q: What are the benefits of doing yoga?

A: Yoga practice involves a very holistic approach to health. It includes practices aimed at the well-being of the body, mind, and soul. Initially, the benefits are very small, but over time it becomes a way of life and the benefits are very noticeable. know more


Q: Is yoga enough to keep you fit? 

A: If by yoga you mean asanas, then this is clearly not enough to keep in shape. Fitness depends on both the state of mind and the state of the body. Thus, a well-balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, an appropriate yoga regimen (asana, pranayama, meditation), and the use of the knowledge gained from the courses can help you stay fit. And to do all this is very natural and effortless for all of us. Giving up the effort and merging with the Divine Presence are two aspects of asana practice. To experience yoga, it is best to study with a trained teacher and experience. The integrity of yoga.





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